Battlefield V Won’t Feature Gore, The Company Outlined, Tides Of War Longterm Support

In this article, we've discussed everything you need to know about Battlefield V, changes to The Company, customization, and other details.

There has been a lot of new information on some of the gameplay elements of Battlefield V. The information relates to Tides of War system, the company, gore, and the continuation of their services for the game.

Most of this information was made available through an AMA that was held on the Battlefield V subreddit. The person who did the AMA was Ryan McArthur who is the Producer for Engagement and Core Gameplay for Battlefield V.

He is also one of the main people behind the Live Services that are offered on the Battlefield franchise.

Battlefield V First Impressions

Since the initial gameplay trailer, we already know of some of the changes that are in effect.

Some of them are made to encourage more teamwork such as the fact that medics will be able to drag players behind cover and people only have limited ammo after which they need to head to a store to get more or get it from the corpse of the enemies.

The graphics are also amazing and the colors are much brighter and more vivid than they have ever been in a Battlefield game. That is what we already know, so let us go ahead and look at some of the newer details that have come forth from Ryan McArthur.


One of the best games that we have played as far as arcade World War II shooters are concerned is Call of Duty: World at War. One of the most satisfying quality of life improvements that the game had over the previous iterations of its World War II games was the fact that the gore aspect was quite amazing.

Whenever you got a headshot with your Kar 98k, you could see the enemy’s head blow right off of his face and the body fall to the floor. You could see the arm fall off from the rest of the body or the leg crumble beneath the weight of death.

Unfortunately, it has been confirmed that Battlefield V will not have anything of the sort and gore will not be a part of the game in anyway.

Personally, I am very disappointed by this as it continues towards EA’s push to becoming as Politically Correct as they can be.

It would be very good to see a game which goes all out and does not care about whether or not 13-year-olds are allowed to play the game legally. Of course, their stance on anything of this sort has been quite firm so it is not quite a surprise that there is no gore in the game.

The Company

We were told that the Company would be a way for people to customize their various different loadouts before they head into the game.

EA had claimed that this was something completely new but many of the people had quite legitimate complaints that this might just turn out to be a fancy way of saying you can customize your class before you head out into the battle.

The answer lies somewhere in the middle, as this is the place where you can unlock all of the upgrades for your weapon whether they are attachments or cosmetics. As you might have guessed, many of the cosmetics in the game will be paid.

EA have confirmed though that there will not be any micro transactions which affect your game. In order to have better weapons to play with, you will need to play the game. However, you can make the weapons that you have unlocked as pretty as you w ant provided you have the cash.

Lastly, the Company is not really a place where you can only change your weapons. You can also customize your soldier as well as your vehicles. This is probably the part of the Company is most interesting and exciting. You will be able to change certain parts within your vehicles to have them play more to your style.

A person who likes to have more mobility and move between objectives may be able to have their tank move faster but lose some of the damage potential. A person who likes to be more defensive can have a slow but deadly tank to deal as much death as possible.

Of course, there will be different uniforms for the different factions which is meant to be not only for the realism aspect but also for differentiating between friends and enemies while in the thick of the battle. You will be able to have duplicates of planes and tanks to customize and each soldier too.

The soldiers will have customizable face, helmet, face paint and clothing. Weapons will also have deep visual customization, as will vehicles.

Live Services: Tides of War

There has always been a question before an EA game releases that the developers support how long will the game. Usually, a game is supported for around 18 months before it is abandoned in favor of the new releases. However, the emerging trend of games as a service means that you need to support games for much longer in order to satisfy all of the people who are playing the game.

When Ryan McArthur was asked as to how long the game would be supported, he gave no definite answer. He did say that EA would support content for the game as long as people are playing it, so that means that the game will probably be supported if its good and not if it turns out not to be as good as they had hoped.

One of the new things in this game is the fact that there will be time sensitive events which will unlock various different rewards for the players who manage to complete them.

This is meant to be a part of their live service which is known as Tides of War. This is of course consistent with almost all of the newly released multiplayer games and is sort of what is expected from a game which has a budget as massive as Battlefield V does.

Those are all of the New Battlefield V details that have been revealed. Let us know your thoughts using the comments section below!

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