Battlefield 5 to Go Hard on Microtransactions with Premium Only Cosmetic Items

DICE has confirmed through a recent AMAA that premium only cosmetic items are coming to Battlefield 5. You can only buy them with real money.

DICE has confirmed that soon there will be premium only cosmetic items in Battlefield 5. It means that you can only buy these good-looking cosmetics with real-world money. Despite all of the previous promises and failures, EA and DICE continue to implement microtransactions in the game.

The arrival of microtransactions in Battlefield 5 was pushed back recently due to a problem with Company Coins but the developer has confirmed through an AMAA (Ask Me Almost Anything) on Reddit that they are coming back. Premium only items mean that you can only buy them with real currency instead of earning Company coins by completing tasks and challenges in the game.

The arrival of premium only items in BF5 was confirmed by Ryan McArthur. Good news is that more cosmetics will be added to the game with each patch and we hope to get some good ones without spending any money.

Black Ops 4 uses the same approach but you can unlock almost every item in the game by grinding and I mean a lot. Well, we are used to seeing these type of unintelligent acts by Electronic Arts who has already managed piss off loyal fans by taunting them at a launch event and making Star Wars Battlefront 2 a flop by filling it with microtransactions.

Aside from cosmetics, developers are looking to raise the cap level and overall progression. We will hear more about it the next time according to Ryan. More of the roadmap will be shared ahead of Chapter 3 so stay tuned.

New Battlefield 5 update version 1.08 has now arrived and the patch notes reveal that it does several tweaks to the already released Lightning Strikes DLC. The Panzerstorm map has received some major changes which you can look at below.

  • A larger F point with increased cover for tanks and infantry.
  • More cover for Infantry overall from ditches and mounds.
  • More cover for tankers to advance and sniper lines added.
  • Flight ceiling increased.
  • Additional fortifications across the map

A new vehicle called Sturmgeschutz IV is scheduled to arrive today on February 1. Sturmgeschutz IV is ideal for ambushing enemies and comes with a hand cannon and a remote-controlled SMG. There’s no turret on the new vehicle and you can further upgrade the durability. Battlefield 5 1.08 update also brings changes to the practice range, soldiers, vehicles, gameplay and more.

Battlefield V is now available to play on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4.

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