Battlefield 5 Intro Took Roughly $3 Million To Make

Battlefield 5 Intro roughly cost $3 Million to make. It is one of the most expensive intros created for a Battlefield game.

Battlefield 5 is available now for EA and Origin Access members. The premium memberships give players access to the Deluxe Edition of the game. Many players have access to the title right now and enjoying the experience. The production quality is mind-blowing and it isn’t hard to see EA spent millions on this product.

Battlefield 5’s intro alone is breathtaking and emotional. It jumps from one soldier to the other on various maps. At one point there is even a dogfight. The experience is similar to Battlefield 1’s intro. To create this amazing intro for Battlefield 5 EA spend roughly $3 million, according to Guy Beahm aka Dr. Disrespect.

Guy is a popular streamer on Twitch and recently played Battlefield 5 for the first time. While he had mixed feelings about the game and its intro, he speculated how much EA spent on this intro. He has been a Call of Duty developer in the past and has years of experience in game development. It isn’t hard for Guy to produce an estimate for Battlefield 5’s intro.

He stated that EA spent $2-3 million on the game’s intro alone. The cost depends on how many resources were used. But he estimated that Battlefield 5 intro took around $3 million.

How big was that budget EA?!! Between the creative director team, art team, design team, all the time spent in the meetings trying to pitch that to the upper guy. What was that budget? Can you tell me? I’m thinking, oh man, if I am going to put a number on it, let me think about it. I know what it costs to create a Call of Duty map it’s not hard to put a number on it….. there was a lot of art, a lot of dialogue, not too much crazy programming. I’d say $3 million… was it worth it? I don’t know?

One can only imagine how much it would have cost to create the entire game. Unfortunately, EA may not be able to make enough money from it. The new Battlefield game has been a PR disaster for EA and in fact, the companies stocks are on a constant decline. Investors aren’t buying their take on World War 2 it seems after the community backlash.

To make matters worse the game was delayed a month and only one of the new modes is making it to the game at launch. The day one update is a 135 pages long juggernaut that point to a rushed game launch.

Let’s see what happens when the game comes out on November 20 for the buyers of the standard edition.

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