Battlefield 4 Players to Protest Against DICE by Shutting Down Servers

WeAreBattlefield has announced that it is going to organize a protest against Battlefield 4 developers DICE this Saturday due to lack of communication.

Battlefield 4, despite its launch issues, has been played by a large community, but an organization that calls itself “WeAreBattlefield” is dissatisfied with DICE and has announced that it will stage a protest against the developers on January 3, 2015.

There are a number of reasons that have been provided by WeAreBattlefield for this protest, check them out listed below:

  • Admins are unhappy about changes
  • Admins use the CTE forums to communicate issues but are being ignored
  • Dices politic regarding ranked servers
  • Hidden patches and usually without warning
  • Patch notes arriving too late
  • No consistency in running servers
  • Too many restrictions in server presets (e.g. idle timeout, max. vehicle spawn delay, etc.)
  • Not enough control about amounts of vehicles that spawn or classes/weapons to use
  • Splitting up the community with premium
  • Official preset not administered
  • No admin-only spectator
  • The fight against cheater (why does every client get all data?)

As you can see, admins are mostly angry about the lack of communication between them and the developers. Although WeAreBattlefield don’t expect DICE to act on their protest anytime soon they do hope that they pay attention to what the community wants so that things can work out without much of a hassle.

Those of you who are unaware of WeAreBattlefield should know that it is an organization that consists of multiple Battlefield 4 clans and server hosts. If you wish to join the protest with these guys this Saturday, then just visit their official forums.

What is your take on this protest? Do you think the reasons are justified? Let us know!

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