Battlefield 4: GameStop Poster Lists Return of Commander Mode and 3 Playable Factions

Battlefield 4 will bring back the role of ‘Commanders’ and include play with up to three different factions, says a new promotional poster spotted at GameSpot.

This is the second time that the retailer has gone public with exclusive information that EA themselves have yet to reveal. Last time they claimed the game to release on October 29.

Spotted by YouTube user luger700, the promotional material lists the following four statements:

  • Frostbite 3: Destructible environments and buildings!
  • 3 playable factions – Russia, China and United States
  • All our war! Vehicle combat and “Commander Mode” returns
  • Get access to the first expansion for FREE with reservation. $10 dollar value!

Disregard the first one, destructible environments and buildings have already been confirmed by multiple sources. The second though for sure suggests the three factions to be included in the multiplayer.

That is because EA has already confirmed the single-player campaign of Battlefield 4 to follow the story of a single soldier, meaning players will be playing from a single faction. Unless they have campaigns for all three factions, which seems unlikely.

Following Battlefield 2, the ‘Commander Mode’ was highly asked by fans to be included in Battlefield 3 as well. The exclusive position is given to one player on each team, mostly to high-ranking players, who have access to the ‘commander screen’.

Commanders can issue orders to their units, call in artillery fire, vehicle drops, UAVs and the like on the requests of Squad leaders. The position promotes team-work but makes the game a bit harder for new players to get used to.

DICE may be bringing the joy of Battlefield 2 to the next-gen war. The second installment featured three factions as well: US, China and the fictional Middle Eastern Coalition. With the current Eastern affairs, it’s strange that DICE decided to instead include Russia as the third faction.

GameStop claims to have gotten the information directly from EA. They are either telling the truth or the poster is just a great way of confirming some quick pre-orders.

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