Battlefield 2042 Reviews Are “Mostly Negative”, But Why?

Battlefield 2042 reviews on Steam are mostly negative, apparently due to lots of bugs and balancing issues among other things.

Everyone was excited for DICE’s newest Battlefield game in the lead up to its release. However, now that Battlefield 2042 has actually come out, reviews, at least on Steam, are running as “Mostly Negative”. Why are the Battlefield 2042 reviews so low? The answer appears to be because of a number of reasons.

Battlefield is no strnager to buggy releases. Battlefield 4, for example, had a huge period of time where the game was full of bugs in its multiplayer, leading to a large number of angry players (to say nothing of its campaign, which many people also found lacking.)

According to many of the Steam reviews on the game’s page, issues that resulted in bad reviews included a lack of balanced vehicles, a large number of bugs, and issues with hit detection, among other issues. Considering all of the hype and pomp that grew around this game, it’s understandable fans are disappointed.

The negative Battlefield 2042 reviews have caused the game to get off on the wrong foot, and 2042 is the biggest Battlefield yet, including things like wingsuits, drones, enormous weather effects, and the Portal, a user-created content device that lets people take Battlefield weapons, mechanics, vehicles, and soldiers from all across the series to pit against each other.

While a good idea on paper, it doesn’t appear that such a thing is working so well in practice at the moment. Hopefully, DICE is taking these complaints into consideration and working on fixes and patches to address them right now.

Either way, if you were looking forward to the game but are being turned off by the bad Battlefield 2042 reviews, you might want to wait for a while until the game gets some more patches and bug fixes to make things better. You can currently play the game on PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X, and Playstation 5.

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