Battlefield 2042’s In Better Shape Than Its Beta Build, Says DICE

Battlefield 2042 has made a lot of improvements in the past few months but which will unfortunately be missing from its open beta build.

Taking to Twitter a couple of days back, lead community manager Adam Freeman confirmed that the Battlefield 2042 open beta build is actually “a few months old” but does feature “polish” and other enhancements which developer DICE worked on to give a good representation of the final game.

Taking to Twitter as well earlier today, general manager Oskar Gabrielson explained that Battlefield 2042 was delayed in order to let DICE deliver on its vision of a “true next-generation Battlefield experience.”

The delay has furthermore helped DICE make a lot of progress and improvements to the game. However, due to development schedules, there are a number of visual and stability improvements that will not be part of the Battlefield 2042 open beta build. They, as well as other improvements in the works, will be present when the game finally launches.

Battlefield 2042 launches for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and PC on October 22, 2021.

Those still sitting on the fence can avail an updated cross-generation bundle where purchasing the standard edition of the game on either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One will automatically receive its PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X (Series S included) digital edition for free. That and vice versa.

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