Battlefield 1 Will Soon Make All Previously-Released DLC Maps Free

A mighty significant change is on the horizon for the post-release paid content of Battlefield 1, which will hopefully be extended for future installments.

The timely release of new multiplayer maps as part of every expansion pack has been often raised as an issue by the community. It only leads to dividing the player-base between those who are willing to purchase the content and those who are bent on sticking with the default vanilla maps.

According to a post on Reddit, this trend is on the verge of ending soon. DICE is looking to make all previously-released multiplayer maps free for everyone and an official announcement is expected later today.

“Beginning in July, all players will have the opportunity to play on previously-released DLC maps,” reads an in-game notification, but does not mention any specific date.

Holding additional content hostage behind a pay-wall has always been a controversial matter. This sort of business model has been staple for the Battlefield franchise, but one which the community hoped to see change with Battlefield 1.

In April, the developer promised to release “monthly updates” that will be based on feedback. The idea was to push more content and adjustments to gameplay on a regular basis.


While the downloadable content going free is certainly great news, it does question the value of purchasing the Premium Pass. Several suggestions have been floating about to compensate those who went ahead and paid for all upcoming content in advance. With DICE already acting on one feedback, there should already be plans in the pipelines to add some bling to the Premium Pass as well.

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