Battlefield 1 Update 1.14 Fixes Lag Issues, Connectivity Problems

Battlefield 1 update 1.14 has been released, and will hopefully fix various lag issues and connectivity problems that have been plaguing the game recently.

Battlefield 1 update 1.14 has been released by DICE, and the update aims to fix a number of different issues involving lag and connectivity issues in the Battlefield 1 multiplayer scene. While the studio implements the update and makes the adjustments, the multiplayer servers were briefly taken down on each of its platforms.

There aren’t really any patch notes to go along with the update, but Battlefield 1 update 1.14 does come out at a pretty good time, just two days after the game’s most recent map pack, In The Name Of The Tsar, released onto all of the game’s platforms. The DLC pack finally adds the Russian Empire to the game, and allows players to get away from the Western front and the Middle East in order to go to the Eastern Front, where Russia fought Germany and Austria-Hungary.

Six different maps have been added in with the pack, which are Lupkow Pass, Tsaritsyn, Volga River, Albion, Galicia, and Brusilov Keep. Each of these maps takes place on a battlefield of the Eastern Front of the Great War, pitting Russian players up against either the German Empire or the Austro-Hungarian Empire in fierce battle.

While there’s nothing that says that In The Name Of The Tsar was responsible for the lag issues and connectivity problems that needed to be fixed by Battlefield 1 update 1.14, various updates have come to more games than Battlefield that required a patch afterward to fix what they unintentionally broke.

Two other content updates will be coming to Battlefield 1 sometime early next year, called Turning Tides and Apocalypse, respectively. Turning Tides will feature the addition of amphibious warfare, while Apocalypse will take you to some of the war’s most infamous battles.

Either way, Battlefield 1 update 1.14 has been implemented, and if you’ve been waiting for the game to become available again after the update, you can now get back into it.

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