Battlefield 1 Trailer Recreated Using World War 1 Footage

When DICE revealed Battlefield 1 trailer, it got an overwhelmingly positive response. But what will happen if we remove all the CG effects and explosions and replace them with actual world war 1 footage.

Yes you heard it right, a video has emerged on the internet that recreates Battlefield 1 trailer with actual world war 1 footage. The resulting video is exhilarating as it is unsettling.

There is no denying that both trailers are completely different, the above trailer showcases a footage captured using century old filmmaking equipment, while the other one was created from scratch using latest technology.

In the original trailer, viewers are sent to a roller coaster ride of explosions, dog fights and bullets flying, the trailer is so exciting and jumping from one scenario to another before the viewers has a chance to catch their breath.

However, there is something grim about the video using world war 1 footage. Maybe it is because of the fact that the video is showing real people fighting, or the idea that such a big conflict actually happened, or the black and white palette of the video. Whatever is the reason the recreated Battlefield 1 trailer is definitely creepy than the original.

This is not the first time Battlefield 1 trailer was recreated, recently this trailer was recreated in Grand Theft Auto V.

Recently Patrick Soderlund, founder of the DICE, himself admitted that he rejected the idea of world war 1 setting when it was first pitched to him.

The reason behind it? Maybe his then limited knowledge of the scope of the Great War; he too thought that the World War I was just trench warfare and that was not something worthy of being celebrated in a game.

However, WWI was not just trench warfare and so is not Battlefield 1, in fact the developers have been telling us that he game is going to tell the story of individual soldiers, giving importance to those who deserve.

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