Battlefield 1 is Targeting 60FPS on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One: EA DICE

EA DICE has confirmed that it is targeting 60FPS for Battlefield 1 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 60hz tickrate servers are planned for PC.

Since the release of Xbox One and PlayStation 4, both machines have had a hard time running games at 60FPS without compromising resolution. First party games have a done better job but they still use some unfavored techniques to achieve this.

Once again, we are hearing that a developer is trying to achieve 60FPS on consoles. This time around it is EA DICE. The developer is working on Battlefield 1 and is targeting 60FPS on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The multiplayer will run at a minimum 60hz tickrate on PC but achieving the same on consoles might prove to be difficult.

Battlefield 1 looked spectacular at EA PLAY but we are yet to see console gameplay to see just how it differs from PC in terms of visual fidelity.

Both Sony and Microsoft are releasing new platforms that are much more powerful compared to PS4 and Xbox One. PS4K and Project Scorpio are both capable of 4K gaming which means they have better hardware that will make it easier for devs to achieve higher frame rates.

However, although EA is targeting 60FPS for Battlefield 1 on consoles, devs may have to sacrifice resolution in favor of FPS. Similar to what they did with Battlefield 4 on Xbox One.

The game was running at 720p with 60FPS on Xbox One and 900p with 60FPS on PlayStation 4. Same was the case with Battlefield Hardline.

Battlefield 4 was a mess but EA DICE is committed to making sure they release the best possible version of its new Battlefield game. Battlefield 1 is set to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. No last-gen versions are planned.

Expect the game to hit storefronts on October 21. EA Access members will have early access to the game.

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