Microsoft: With Project Scorpio “We Are Building A Beast”

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg discussed the strength of Project Scorpio and its place in the market, and according to him they are building a beast.

Microsoft surprised everyone with the reveal of Project Scorpio at its E3 conference, as no one was expecting that Microsoft would reveal another console after Xbox One S. However, the reveal is the proof that Microsoft is confident in its new console, due to arrive in Holiday 2017.

Speaking with Gamertag Radio, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg discussed the strength of Project Scorpio and its place in the market. Aaron was asked how Microsoft expects to compete in the market when Project Scorpio releases next year, as there will be new GPUs, processors and other new technologies.

He said that Microsoft knows that 4K and VR requires 6 Teraflops of GPU power, we can see high-end PC that are worth thousands of dollars and in console we can’t have this much cost. He said that they are building a beast, a console with 6 teraflops of GPU power able to deliver 4K gaming and VR in your living room.

He further explained that this should be the choice of the consumer that which console suits him/her best. He said is players want to watch videos in 4K resolution and have HDR in games, than come this August Xbox One S is releasing. However, if they want better than they also have Project Scorpio.

Microsoft has also clarified that frame rate for games on Project Scorpio will be no different than Xbox One. According to general manager of Microsoft Studios, Shannon Loftis, the frame rate will not be different, as developers have control over that and they would not want to separate setups for two consoles.

Recently Xbox Head Phil Spencer revealed that Project Scorpio is going to be 4.5 times more powerful than Xbox One.

With the reveal of Project Scorpio many analyst were fearing that this will create a divide in Xbox community. However, Phil Spencer was quick to clarify that Xbox One, the newly announced Xbox One S and Project Scorpio are going to be compatible.

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