10 Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Maps At Launch, 7 Game Modes?

A new rumor suggests that there will be 10 Battlefield 1 multiplayer maps, 7 game modes, 6 single-player episodes with multiple chapters and more.

Before the reveal of Battlefield 1 there were a lot of leaks and rumors about the game’s multiplayer and singleplayer. However, even after the reveal these leaks and rumors are not stopping, as a new leak suggests total number of Battlefield 1 multiplayer maps, game modes, single-player missions and much more.

The leak comes from a Redditor named¬†Lobix300, who presumably has access to Battlefield 1’s closed alpha. According to the Redditor, he/she data mined the closed alpha, and found a whole lot of information about Battlefield 1 multiplayer maps, single-player campaign and more.

It was previously rumored that Battlefield 1 will have only six single-player missions, and according to the leak the game will have 6 episodes consisting of multiple chapters.

The leak suggests that Battlefield 1 will have 10 multiplayer maps at launch, which is on par with previous Battlefield entries, like Battlefield 4 which launched with 10 multiplayer maps and Battlefield Hardline with 9 maps.

10 might seems a bit low, but we are sure the DICE will add more with time through DLC. The names of Battlefield 1 multiplayer maps are listed below.

  • Amiens.
  • Chateau.
  • Desert.
  • FaoFortress.
  • Forest.
  • Argonne.
  • ItalianCoast.
  • MountainFort.
  • Scar.
  • Suez.

As for Battlefield 1 game modes, according to the leak there are going to be be seven of them, some of the them are the series usual but a couple of these game modes are new to Battlefield 1 franchise. The full list of Battlefield 1 game modes is below.

  • RUSH.

Now you have probably noticed that Rush, Conquest and Team Death Match are the Battlefield series regular game modes. The rest of them are the new ones, however, as DICE has not officially revealed them so as of now we have no idea about these Battlefield 1 game modes.

If I have to judge these games modes by name, then Air Superiority might involve Zeplins and planes, and probably will be planes only game mode. Possession sound like a mode where players will have to capture some kind of an object from opposite team.

However, we will know for sure about these Battlefield 1 game modes once they are officially revealed by DICE. In the meantime you checkout the full list of leaked content by following this link.

Battlefield 1 will release on October 21 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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