Battlefield 1 Beta Is Coming After Gamescom

The Battlefield 1 beta will be coming after the German Gamescom convention, allowing people that couldn't play the alpha to get in on the game.

With the Battlefield 1 Alpha having come and gone, EA and DICE have reported that a Battlefield 1 beta will be releasing after the game makes an appearance at Gamescom, allowing more players to play on the map of choice rather than the small few that had been allowed to play the alpha.

While the exact date hasn’t been disclosed, Gamescom is held in August from August 17 to August 21, so we can expect the beta to come out either sometime in late August or sometime in September.

If it goes by the pattern of previous Battlefield games we can expect a single map to play on, likely Saint Quentin’s Scar, the map that the alpha used. It could also be just after the event at Battlefield like they did with Battlefield Hardline so you should mark your calendars.

The Battlefield 1 beta will be the last bit of public testing that the game undergoes before it releases on October 21, a few weeks before EA’s other upcoming first-person shooter Titanfall 2. However, despite the popularity of the alpha and the amount of likes its debut trailer got on YouTube, the game is not without controversy.

Two of the major belligerents of the First World War, France and Russia, have not been included in the default game and will instead be used as DLC. Some (false) controversy has also come up due to a lack of women soldiers, when women were not allowed in the army back in the 1910s.

On the other hand the game looks extremely promising, and will be giving us a lot of new toys including horses, biplanes, blimps, and World War 1 tanks and armored cars. While we likely won’t see some of these in the Battlefield 1 beta, they’ll all be included in the official released game.

Members of the Battlefield Insider and EA Access programs will be getting early access to the game’s beta when it releases, which will also give them special content, in-game rewards, and more.

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