This Battlefield 1 Artwork Hypes Up Things a Bit

Battlefield 1 has been revealed and DICE is busy revealing as much information as they can. This time new Battlefield 1 artwork has been revealed.

Battlefield 1 has been officially revealed and DICE is busy sharing as much information about their game as they can. This time, new Battlefield 1 artwork has been revealed  by the Xbox one official website.

While the new Battlefield 1 artwork doesn’t reveal anything substantial, they do give us a conformation that the game will include a French city under siege in its campaign or in multiplayer along with Arabian deserts and lush forests.

Battlefield 1 is being praised by fans for its World War 1 setting and superior graphics, however this praise is not only coming from fans but also from the rival developing studio Infinity Ward.

The Call of Duty developing studio recently congratulated DICE for the reveal trailer and also posted on their Facebook that the footage shown on last Friday was epic.

Recently a leak emerged on the internet which pointed out that Battlefield 1  will have only six missions or episode, also achievement lists for the game are also leaked which kind of confirms that the game has only six missions.

These achievements also reveal that that Battlefield 1 will have some sort of multiplayer missions which are required to play in order to unlock certain achievements. However, it in not yet known that these missions will be co-op or team based. It is important to mention that these are just rumors and there is a high probability that these rumors are inaccurate or fake.

What do you think of this beautiful Battlefield 1 artwork? Let us know in the comments.

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