Batman: The Telltale Series Listing For Nintendo Switch Appears Online

More and more third-party publishers and devs have been announcing their games for Nintendo’s hybrid console. With Capcom preparing to bring more of its titles to Switch, things are looking good for Nintendo Switch and it seems that Telltale Games is bringing Batman: The Telltale Series to Switch.

The reason why we think that Telltale Games is bringing Batman: The Telltale Series to Nintendo Switch is because a listing for the Switch version of the game has appeared. The online retailer, Fnac, has listed the Nintendo Switch version of Batman: The Telltale Series.

Batman: The Telltale Series is the first season of the game and a second season, Batman: The Enemy Within, is also on its way. However, it has not been officially confirmed so take it as a grain of salt.

Also, if the game is confirmed by the Telltale Games for Nintendo Switch then it would not be surprising since recently, the studio hinted that it would be bringing more of its titles to Switch. Telltale Games’ head of communications Job Stauffer said that while the studio has not announced the second season for Switch but, hopes that it will be in the future.

He added that it would not be surprising if other Telltale Games’ series might end up on Switch as the console is perfect for the games they develop as all their games are same on mobile and consoles.

It wouldn’t be unheard if more of our series also made it to Switch; we love the platform. It’s kind of perfect for what we do. All of our games are the same on mobile as they are on consoles. And for a mobile console [like the Switch] it’s pretty awesome.

Also, there are other third-party games, like WWE 2K18 and FIFA 18, will release for the hybrid console this fall. Also, developers have assured that WWE 2K18 for Switch will not be based on last-gen consoles as FIFA 18 will be.

Source: FNAC

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