Batman: Arkham Origins Shiva Boss Fight Guide

Considering her combat proficiency, Lady Shiva is a joke of a boss fight.

Lady Shiva makes an appearance in Batman: Arkham Origins as another Most Wanted villain who has been contracted by Black Mask to kill the Dark Knight on Christmas Eve.

Belonging to the League of Assassins where she was personally trained by Ra’s al Ghul himself, Shiva decides to test Batman’s skills and abilities before the final confrontation.

Unlike most of the other side missions in the game, you will have to find Lady Shiva yourself to start her side mission. This requires you to first reach a specific point in the main storyline. 

How to find Lady Shiva in Batman: Arkham Origins

You will unlock the Most Wanted mission for Lady Shiva while exploring The Bowery in Batman: Arkham Origins. 

After exiting the Gotham Merchant’s Bank where you first meet Joker in the main storyline, you will hear a baby crying. Follow the sound using your Detective Mode to discover a baby pram under the glass dome. 

This is a trap because the pram is empty. As soon as you examine the baby carriage, Lady Shiva will attack you from behind. Be ready because you need to counter her attack with the correct button prompt. 


If you manage to successfully counter her, you will receive an invitation to participate in the first test. Lady Shiva will reveal that someone is about to die and you (Batman) must find him before that happens. This will start the side mission for Lady Shiva in Arkham Origins. 

Lady Shiva’s Test of Worth

To start Lady Shiva’s Test of Worth, head over to the Shopping Complex in Diamond District at the eastern border of Coverty in Batman: Arkham Origins.

You will know you are in the right place when you start hearing a man calling out for help. In the Complex, you will find a man dangling from the ceiling with an electrified pool of water below.

Using your Detective Vision grapple up the top floor where you will find the electric cables strapped to the Power Supply sourcing the electricity in the pool. Get ready because as soon as you destroy the cables, Shiva’s minions will ambush you.

Defeat them and repeat the process on the other side, you can use your Tiger Claw to move between the two locations.

Go back down and cut the wire he is hanging from to save the innocent man. He is a cop and will tell you that his partner was taken away while he was strung up.

Follow the blood trail

To find the cop’s partner, you must follow the blood trail using your Detective Vision. The first one can be found at the base of the fountain, towards the entrance of the Shopping Complex.

Keep following the trail and it will lead you to the dead body of the cop. As soon as you interact with it, Shiva will attack you from behind once again. After you counter her, the conversation follows yet another disagreement on how justice should be in Gotham.

She tells you that the Test continues, this time sharing the location of your next meeting at Sheldon Park.

How to beat Lady Shiva in Batman: Arkham Origins

Your last Test of Worth will be to confront Shiva in the lobby of the Wonder Tower in the center of Sheldon Park. This boss fight is actually not that hard, which is disappointing since Shiva belongs to the League of Assassins who are expert fighters.

Shiva will be accompanied by her assassin henchmen with swords. This whole boss fight is basically an opportunity for you to master your dodge and counterattacks.

Expect multiple enemies to attack you at once from all sides, so make sure that you press your counter button to take on all of them. Something important to note here is that Shiva will evade or block some of your attacks. When that happens, retreat to dodge her follow-up attack.

When Shiva drops to half of her health bar, you will enter the second phase of the fight where Shiva will summon martial artists. These enemies can counter some of your attacks. What you need to do is tap your counterattack button twice to counter their…counters.

Keep your focus on Shiva because when she loses all of her health, her female assassins and martial artists will disappear. That being said, eliminating them first will give you more room to deal with Shiva.

In the end, Lady Shiva will take out her Katana for the final phase. When she strikes, be ready to rhythmically tap the on-screen button prompt to end the boss fight. Shiva will acknowledge your abilities and back off for now, but this is not the last you have seen of her.

Lady Shiva mission rewards

Completing the Shiva side mission rewards you with 30,000 XP and the Critical Strikes Upgrade. It is an automatic upgrade that allows you to deal critical hits and needs no points for activation.