Batman: Arkham Origins Costumes Unlock Guide – How To

Batman: Arkham Origins offers a wide array of alternative costumes for Batman. Five of these are unlocked through achievements in the game whereas many others are unlocked through DLCs.

Costumes you can unlock through the game:

  • Dark Knight Costume: Beat every Dark Knight Challenge.
  • Injustice: Master the challenge mode.
  • Noel: Defeat Enigma.
  • New 52 Graphic: Capture all of the Most Wanted.
  • Blackest Night: Acquire Prestige in Multiplayer.

Costumes available through DLCs

You can get this if you pre-order from Best Buy, Gamestop, Amazon, Target or Walmart.

You can acquire this by pre-ordering a PS3 copy of the game from any retailer.

Batman Legends Pack
You can get this DLC pack buy pre-ordering the game at an Australian retail store “JB Hi-Fi” or by pre-ordering at Walmart in the US. It contains the following costumes:

  • Long Halloween.
  • Batman ThrillKiller.
  • Batman Earth 2.
  • Batman: Dark Knight of the Round Table.

New Millenium Skin Pack
This skin pack consists of the following skins:

  • First Appearance 1939.
  • Red Son.
  • Noel
  • Blackest Knight
  • 2006 to 2008 Tim Drake Robin.

Infinite Earths
This skin pack consists of 5 Batman skins and 1 Robin skin:

  • Earth-2 Bruce Wayne.
  • The Long Halloween.
  • Earth-2 New Batman.
  • Thrillkiller Batman.
  • Batman: Dark Knight of the Round Table.
  • 1989 to 2006 Classing Tim Drake Robin.

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