Batman Arkham Legacy To Be Announced During The Game Awards?

Batman Arkham Legacy is said to get its first trailer and official announcement during the Game Awards ceremony on December 13th. Find out more...

The Game Awards 2019 will take place on December 13th and as with every year, this one too comes with new announcements. Apparently, Batman Arkham Legacy will be one of them. That is what a new rumor suggests and it doesn’t feel too far-fetched.

According to Colby, Daily Wire staff, on Twitter Warner Bros. intends to release the first-ever Batman Arkham Legacy trailer during The Game Awards. More and more publishers choose the VGA stage to announce their new projects.

We bet Geoff Keightly’s charisma in presenting video game announcements has something to do with it. Undeniably, the Game Awards is one of the most prestigious events for the video game industry.

INSIDE SCOOP: New Batman Game Trailer Dropping At The VGAs (Batman: Arkham Legacy).

This information comes from the same guy that provided me with leaked images from the cancelled Damian Wayne Batman game YEARS before they leaked to the public. He is very reliable, although nothing is 100% and the same goes with this scoop as we will discuss tomorrow.

Batman Arkham Legacy is nothing but a rumor right now. Although the project has been in rumors for quite some time now, Warner Bros has been silent about it. If what Colby claims is true, then we’re in for a big treat during the Game Awards 2019.

The publisher doesn’t have any major titles nominated for awards during the show, so in terms of publicity, it would be a good move to get their share of the spotlight.

The game will supposedly follow the whole Bat family: Robin, Batgirl and the rest in an adventure against The Court of Owls and Ra’s Al Ghul. Not much is known about the gameplay or main premises of the upcoming title but rumors want Batman’s son to be part of it in early concept art.

We remind you one more time that this is nothing but rumors. Although the story as is seems highly possible, you should take it with a grain of salt for now. Tune in for The Game Awards on December 13th to see what games win the awards and whether or not Batman Arkham Legacy gets its first trailer.

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