Batman: Arkham Legacy Looks To Be Current-Gen Only

For the better part of the year, Warner Bros. Montreal was heavily rumored to be working on a new Batman game said to be titled Arkham Legacy. Those rumors became official a few months back when the developer finally dropped some teasers while commemorating eight years of when the Dark Knight made his first appearance in the comic books.

Warner Bros. Montreal was thought to be preparing an announcement for perhaps The Game Awards last week but nothing of the sort happened. The developer has strangely gone silent. Batman: Arkham Legacy — assumed to not be a placeholder — may as well get a reveal in the coming months. Until then, something new has come up that suggests the return of the Dark Knight to be only for current-generation platforms.

Back in May, Warner Bros. Montreal began searching for a technical art director to “help with making all content-related technical decisions” for a multiplatform project. Based on the job description, the candidate needs to have nearly a decade of experience with current-generation consoles.

Since at the time Warner Bros. Montreal was rumored to be only focusing on Batman: Arkham Legacy, it suffices that the job listing was for the same project. With the next-generation consoles just around the corner, many still believe that the developer will be eying PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. While a cross-generation release could take place, the staunch mention of current-generation consoles ascertains to a certain degree that Batman: Arkham Legacy will be releasing before the holiday season of 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Batman: Arkham Legacy will feature the Court of Owls, an ancient and secretive group that has been controlling Gotham City from the shadows for centuries. Scott Snyder, long-time comic book writer and creator of the Court of Owls, was even teasing Batman: Arkham Legacy a few months back, suggesting that he probably had some input in the project.

Warner Bros. Montreal was behind Batman: Arkham Origins, a prequel to the Batman: Arkham trilogy by Rocksteady Studios. For the longest of time, the new Batman: Arkham game was said to be in development at Rocksteady Studios. The two may even be collaborating on the project but for the time being, accounting past rumors indicate that Rocksteady Studios is also working on a caped superhero installment.


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