Batman Arkham Knight Crashes, Performance, FPS, Stuttering, Errors, Bugs and Fixes

How to fix Batman Arkham Knight Crashes, Performance issues, FPS related issues, Stuttering, Errors and related problems.

Our beloved Batman hasn’t received the expected welcome this time on PC. Just after the release, users from all over the world have been complaining about various issues (especially performance related) trying to play Batman Arkham Knight.

Although the game has been well received on consoles, PC is telling a different story. The good news is that we have shortlisted common issues being faced by users with their possible solutions.

Until Rocksteady rolls out a patch, you can browse through the following list to find a relevant fix.

[Update] Issues After October 28 Patch

The game has been made available to Steam once again with a massive patch. However, there are still some issues being reported by the players.

Batman Arkham Knight – Game Crash on AMD R9 Series
You can solve the issue by trying out the following:
Enabling “Virtual Super resolution” in Driver Menu and setting Resoulution to 2560×1440.
Setting resolution to 1440×900.

Batman Arkham Knight Graphics Issues
If you have made any config tweaks. Try getting your game back to default settings before applying the patch. This will fix graphics related issues you might be facing.

Batman Arkham Knight – Steam Application Load Error
This issue is also related to modified .ini file. The default config file should resolve the issue for you.

Batman Arkham Knight – CTD Specially With Overclocking
If you have overclocked your CPU/GPU, there are chances that your game might crash during the intro screens. In that case, you should run the game in windowed mode until the game actually starts. You can then switch back to full screen and no crash should happen now.

[Original Guide]

#1 Batman Arkham Knight – How to Remove FPS Cap
If you want to remove the default FPS cap set by developer, you can do so by modifying the UserSystemSettings.ini file. Open the file in notepad and look for MaxFPS statement. Here you can change the value as you wish.

#2 Batman Arkham Knight – Black Screen/Flashing Fix for Laptops
If you are getting Black Screen or Black Borders, you need to change your desktop resolution to the one you are using in-game. If you can’t even get to settings menu, try running the game in windowed mode.

Adding “-windowed” in launch options of the game will start the game in windowed mode.

#3 Batman Arkham Knight – AMD Stuttering Fix
You are going to need a little bit of experimentation to fix this issue. First, if you haven’t updated already, try using the latest beta drivers released by AMD. If the update doesn’t help, roll back to the previous version and try disabling Tesselation option from AMD catalyst panel.

#4 Batman Arkham Knight – How to Skip Intro Videos
If you don’t want to see the intro section every time you launch the game, there is a workaround for that. You need to go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Batman Arkham Knight\BMGame\Movies. Here, locate the files named StartupMovie.swf and StartupMovieNV.swf.

Either rename these files or delete them. In both cases, you should first make a backup of original files if things go wrong for you.

#5 Batman Arkham Knight – AMD Catalyst 15.6 Beta Driver Issues
Apparently, drivers are supposed to optimize the performance for Batman Arkham Knight but for some reasons, it’s not exactly that. If the drivers are working fine for you then it is great, but if you are suffering from random crashes, black or pink screen, you should roll back to the earlier version of Nvidia drivers.

#6 Batman Arkham Knight – Game Crashes During Gliding
If you are getting this crash, you need to verify the game cache and restart it. This should fix the issue. Be warned though, some users have reported that verifying the files has deleted the entire game for them and they had to re-download it. If you have a slow internet connection, you might probably want to wait for a patch.

#7 Batman Arkham Knight SLI Issues
Some users have reported that SLI is not working properly for them even with the latest drivers. If you too have been facing performance issues, I will recommend running the game on single card until the issues get sorted properly.

#8 Batman Arkham Knight Game Crashes With Motion Blur Disabled
Well, if you have manually disabled motion blur from the .ini file, there are chances that you might face crashes. In that case, you can try disabling DepthOfField from the same text file as it has helped some users in fixing the issue.

#9 Batman Arkham Knight – Nvidia Stuttering Fix
With the latest drivers installed, if you are encountering performance issues or stuttering, you should make sure that PhysX is set to GPU in your Nvidia Control Panel. You can find this option under “Manage 3D Settings”.

#10 Batman Arkham Knight – Controller Issue
If your game is not recognizing your controller, try unplugging your mouse first. Once the controller has been recognized, you can plug your mouse back and you can play the game using the controller.

#11 Batman Arkham Knight – Game Cache Verification Warning!
I am not sure even if it’s possible but some users are reporting that verifying the game cache has deleted the entire game for them. If you have a slow internet connection, you may want to be cautious about it.

#12 Batman Arkham Knight – Detective Mode Bug
If you have disabled Motion Blur and Depth of Field through .ini file, you should enable them again to see if objects start rendering normally. FPS might take a hit but that’s the trade off if you want to play the detective mode normally for now.

#13 Batman Arkham Knight – Optimum PC Settings for Nvidia and AMD User
Until a patch arrives, WB has officially shared the optimum PC settings for difference specifications for a smoother experience. You should visit the official forums to check them out.

If you are facing any other issues, or have a fix of your own, do share with us in the comments below!

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