Batman: Arkham City Subway Riddle Solutions

Head underground for the Riddler Challenge.

To complete the Riddler Challenge in Batman: Arkham City, you must find and solve all of the Riddles that Edward Nigma has placed all over. These are scattered from district to district, with the Subway holding five of them.

Though the number of Riddles in the Subway is far lesser compared to other regions, they are well hidden and are consequently hard to solve. For that reason, we bring you this guide on how to solve all riddles in the Subway.

How to solve all Subway riddles in Batman: Arkham City

Riddle #1: BOARD at drive-time? I’m not going to broadcast any more clues!

In the northeastern corner of the Subway Station, there is a poster right next to the stairs opposite the tracks. This poster is advertising the Vicki Vale Show. Scan the poster to solve this riddle.

Riddle #2: This question can only be answered from an unusual perspective.

Get onto the train in the lower portion of the Subway Tunnels in the west – leading to the Subway Station. Use your Detective Vision and walk through this train until you see a green question mark on one of the side windows.

At the opposite end of this window is a mirror with a green dot on it. The solution to this Subway riddle lies in looking into the mirror and aligning the dot below the question mark with it.

Riddle #3: Coming back from the dead is cheating in any day of the week.

In the lower-left corner of the Subway Tunnel, there is graffiti on the wall of Solomon Grundy. This wall is in a dead end – opposite the train.

The text at the top of it says, “The Man Who Cheats Death.” Scan this wall to complete this riddle.

Riddle #4: It’s vacation time. Where shall I go? Somewhere venomous?

Make your way to the north wall of the Subway Tunnel. A little to the left side of this wall is a poster next to the stairs. This poster reads “Visit SANTA PRISCA”.

You must scan this poster to solve another Subway riddle in Batman: Arkham City.

Riddle #5: This Killer was collared, but is he now on the loose?

First, make your way to the far right of the Subway until you reach the Subway Maintenance Access. Then, grapple up to the platform on the west and you’ll find a small muddy portion in the floor.

Use your Explosive Gel to blast open the floor and you will come across a hidden area – the Killer Croc Easter Egg room. There are some pictures on the south wall next to the bed that you must scan to complete this Riddler Challenge.

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