How To Enter Toll House Basement In Baldur’s Gate 3

Don't let the paladins near the toll house scare you away.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you will find a lot of secret entrance locations and vaults, and one of these will happen to be at the Toll House Basement in Act 1. The Toll House is located at the following coordinates (X:666, Y:-415) near Risen Road, just north of the Blighted Village. If you have recruited Karlach in BG3, you will have probably already been to this place but missed the access to the Tollhouse Basement.

While the basement itself can be easy to find, there is a vault door in the Tollhouse Basement that requires players to solve a puzzle. That is why we are here, showing you how to enter the tollhouse basement and solve the vault puzzle to open the secret door.

How to enter the Toll House Basement in Baldur’s Gate 3

In order to reach the Toll House, you will need to go to these exact coordinates (X: 99, Y: 519), which lie on the Risen Road in BG3. However, it is up to you whether you want to include Karlach in your party when you venture to this place.

As the three fake Paladins of Tyr will be present in the Toll House, things won’t go smoothly for you if you bring her along. If you do, you will have to fight the Paladins, so you should leave Karlach at Camp and then come to the Toll House to explore the basement there.

As the Paladins have no business with the cellar, you can freely explore the Tollhouse Basement. Furthermore, you will find the Toll House Vault there, but the door leading to it will be locked. So now you will need to open it by using the Toll House key. To find that key, you will need to exit the tollhouse and go south towards the river.

Along the way, you will come across a Dead Toll Collector as you continue in the south direction and go down to the river bank. The Toll Collector’s Key in BG3, which is required to open the vault door in the Toll House Basement, is found at (X:101, Y:521) coordinates.


Pick up the key and then make your way back to the Toll House and then use the Ornate Wooden Hatch on the right side of the door. Once you get to the Tollhouse Basement, you can use the key to unlock the Vault door in BG3.

Even if you haven’t found the Toll Collector’s Key, you can still open this door by lockpicking, provided your skills are high enough.

The place will be trapped, so you need to be careful while you are exploring it and gathering the loot. There are multiple traps in the area, so walk slowly to pass perception checks and reveal them all. If a character fails a perception check, switch to a different one and try passing it with them.

Luckily, the traps are of the poison gas variety and not explosions. So once you spot a trap, you can place a box or barrel to block the poison gas vents. Now, in case one of your characters does accidentally trigger a trap, it won’t go off. Lockpick the cell door to continue onward.

How to solve the Toll House Secret Room Puzzle in BG3

The last room before the Toll House Vault will have two throne chairs and a large table placed invertedly in the center. There seems to be no way to open the Toll House vault door, and you can’t use Misty Step to reach the other side, either. Now comes the part where you need to solve a nifty little puzzle to unlock the Toll House secret door in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Someone, or something heavy, needs to sit in both of those throne chairs to trigger the mechanism and open the secret vault door.

So here you can place one heavy item (1) and (2) on each one of these stone chairs, e.g., by taking the large vases present on the table. Similarly, you can also use your party members to sit on each of these chairs as well.

By following any of the methods, the secret vault door will be activated, and the stone wall in between these chairs will lift, revealing the hidden Toll House Vault.

As usual, you need to be aware of the trap within this room as well. Turns out there will be a poison trap in the vault room. So you can disarm the vent traps present in both rooms or cover them up like before. Once you are sure you are safe from the trap, it is time to loot the vault and see what awaits you for solving this tollhouse puzzle.

The loot items from the Toll House Basement will include a Greataxe (+1) and the Gloves of Heroism in Baldur’s Gate 3. Apart from that, you can find a Gilded Chest there, which you can open to receive a decent amount of Gold.

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