How To Destroy the Scrying Eye In Baldur’s Gate 3

Do you have what it takes to kill the eye of Sauron, we mean scrying, in Baldur's Gate 3?

While pursuing the ‘Free True Soul Nere‘ quest, players will have the chance to side with the Duergar Elder Brithvar. This will lead to the ‘Blind the Absolute’ quest being initiated. This quest will task you with destroying the Scrying Eye in BG3.

How to Kill the Scrying Eye in Baldur’s Gate 3

After speaking to Elder Brithvar, the Duergar leader in Grymforge, he will instruct you to dispose of the strange floating eye nearby, emphasizing employing stealth and not alerting anyone to the deed. Agreeing to his terms will initiate the ‘Blind the Absolute’ quest.

The Scrying Eye in BG3 is immune to all status ailments and resistant to various elemental damage types. On Tactical difficulty especially, the eye seems to become immune to damage types if you fail to kill it in one hit.

Fret not, though, for there is a single elemental damage type that the Scrying eye is weak to, and that is ‘Thunder‘ damage. Do not confuse it with Lightning damage since the Eye is immune to that. Double-check that the spell you decided to use deals Thunder damage instead of Lightning; you’ll save yourself a major headache by avoiding that confusion.

In any event, once you have the weakness on lock, killing the eye in one hit isn’t much of an issue because of its frail health. However, killing it directly is no good since you need to do so without alerting the Gnomes of the area. Otherwise, you will initiate a standoff where you must pass some stat checks to avoid further confrontation.

Since we have a legitimate means to kill the Scrying Eye in BG3, all we need now is a hidden spot where we can carry out the deed. Don’t worry if you’re short on spells. An alternate, albeit unconventional, method to kill the Scrying Eye is explained below.


Use Stealth to kill Scrying Eye

The Scrying Eye is beside where you speak with Elder Brithvar, and its sight extends quite far. You can use its ability to “see through invisibility” to your advantage here. Go close to the Scrying Eye and use the Bonus Action ‘Hide‘ to alert the eye of your presence and lure it to a secluded spot.

With its attention on you, proceed south of where the eye is, towards the lava zone with numerous gnomes wandering about. At the end of this path to the left, you will find a wooden plank that acts as a bridge towards a small landmass with a ‘Defaced Statue of Shar’ nearby.

On this Island, if you have a Thunder spell, you can kill the eye in Baldur’s Gate 3.

However, if you don’t, you can reposition yourself to the side / behind the Scrying Eye. Make sure it is somewhat close to the ledge of the landmass, preferably near where the lava drops down into a deep chasm.

Once in position, scroll over to the ‘Shove‘ Action and target the Scrying Eye in BG3 in a way that the guideline indicates the Eye will fall deep down to the chasm below. Simply let the spell go through, and the Scrying Eye will be killed without alerting anyone, and the Quest will be completed.

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