Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Races For Bard

If you have the ideal combination of Bard class and race in Baldur's Gate 3, you will have a significant advantage over your enemies.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, the race will determine the perks you get for the Bard class. Thus if you have the ideal combination of class and race, you will have a significant advantage over your enemies. The class we will be looking at is the Bard.

This class focuses mainly on Charisma. Bard is regarded as a support class, originally a class of poets and artists. This class primarily uses magic as a source of offense. During conversations, this class performs exceptionally well as compared to others. This leaves us with a few options.

  • Tiefling
  • High Half-Elf
  • High Elf
  • Drow


The Tiefling is undoubtedly the best race for Bard because even its subraces will allow you to cast different spells. You will get increased fire resistance, movement speed, and Darkvision. You also get Charisma from this race that benefits the Bard class in BG3.

The Asmodeous Tiefling subrace provides Produce flame, Hellish Rebuke, and Darkness. Produce Flame creates a fireball in your hand which glows for some time. This ball can be thrown onto enemies costing without a turn and dealing one fire damage. The Hellish Rebuke will make a ring of fire around your enemy when you get hit by your enemy.

The Mephistopheles Tiefling is another subrace that provides a few spells that can be useful with the Bard. The spells are Mage Hand, Burning Hands, and Flame Balde. The Mage Hand will summon a magical hand to pick up objects or interact with them. The Burning hands will shoot fire from your fingers and ignite flammable objects near them. Finally, the Flame blade will enchant your sword to deal Fire damage and glow with a 3m radius.

Finally, Zariel Tiefling is the last subrace of the Tiefling race, which provides you with the thaumaturgy which increases Bard Intimidation and performance check chances in Baldur’s Gate 3. Searing Smite, which deals fire damage and marks an enemy to deal more fire damage per turn, and Branding Smite, which marks your target and prevents them from turning invisible when you strike someone.


High Half-Elf

The High Half-Elf is a perfect subrace suited for the Bard. This is the subrace of the Half-Elf race in BG3. This subrace provides a spell Cantrip which you can have of your choice. Besides that, you get increased movement speed and proficiency in shields and light armor.

You will also receive the Fey Ancestry, which prevents you from being Charmed and put to sleep using magic. Lastly, you will get 12m of Darkvision.

From the spell Cantrip, the Friends is the most suited for Bard class in Baldur’s Gate 3. Because you can take advantage of charisma checks when applied to that character. You will also get charisma and ability points for your preferred ability. Half-Elf is also one of the best races for Warlock Class in BG3.

High Elf

High Elf is similar to the High Half-Elf in that you get the Wizard spell cantrip. This will enable you to choose any spell of your liking. The great thing about this race is the essential traits you get, which benefit the Bard class in Baldur’s Gate 3. The High Elf also increases the character’s Dexterity and intelligence.

The essential Elf traits include Darkvision, Keen Senses, Fey ancestry, and Proficiency in the long and short bow and sword.

The Darkvision and fey Ancestry are the same as in High Half-Elf. The Keen senses is a support trait that provides proficiency in Perception skills. This race also includes support to bows which can help a lot because this class is better with bows and magic and weak with melee attacks. However, if you choose the College of Swords, you can take full advantage of this race for Bard in BG3. Apart from Bard, the High Elf race is also the best for the Sorcerer Class in BG3.


This race is ideal for the Bard because it is proficient in ranged and melee weapons. This race also deals with magic, and the subraces Lolth-Sworn Drow and Seldarine Drow are the same, with only the difference that Lolth-Sworn is evil while Seldarine is nonevil.

The Drow increases movement speed with 9m of movement per turn, proficiency in Shortswords and hand crossbows, Fey Ancestry, superior Darkvision, and proficiency in perception checks.

This race for Bard in BG3 also provides spell casting of Faerie fire, making enemies visible and giving your allies an advantage. You will also get a darkness spell which creates a cloud around the enemies and prevent them from using ranged attacks. Both are dependent on Charisma to be cast.

Finally, you will get an increase in Dexterity and Charisma when you use this race with this class. This race is an all-rounded one that is ideally suited for this class.

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