How to Heal in Back 4 Blood

Healing is a vital part of every zombie game, and Back 4 Blood is no different. The process of healing is not as clear as it should be, so we present you with this guide that will help you understand how healing works in Back 4 Blood.

How to Heal in Back 4 Blood

Unlike games Similar to Back 4 Blood where you can simply find a complete area where you can easily and safely heal back to 100%, Back 4 Blood focuses on the Medkit system.

Basically, players can buy Medkits, Bandages and Pain Killer Pills at the vendor in Fort Hope or find them randomly in the world.

These are used to recover various amounts of health depending on the item used.

If you use Medkit, you recover the most health, but it takes longer to use them. Bandages are faster but give less health recovery. Pain Killers are instant but only provide a temporary health boost.

These are used on the requirement and feasibility of the player. Furthermore, the healing items in the world are found in locked rooms, and only one is found for free. You can buy more for copper coins.


In addition to basic loss of health, players can also suffer from Trauma in Back 4 Blood. It’s a condition that reduces the maximum health of the player, and you cannot heal above this unless you treat your trauma.

The Medkits and Pain Killers cannot treat trauma and will not heal the health lost due to trauma. For recovering from trauma, you need to rest at Fort Hope or use a First Aid Cabinet.

How to use healing items

To use the healing items, simply equip the item from your inventory by pressing the designated button next to the required recovery item, and then press the ‘Shoot’ button.

Hold the button until your character has finished using the item. To heal other players, simply walk over to them with the item equipped and press L2/LT or RMB on PC. This will allow you to heal your teammates in the game.

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