Avowed’s Regional Content Reportedly Nearing Completion

The ongoing development of Avowed appears to be right on schedule and free of any production challenges or obstacles.

According to an updated LinkedIn profile from earlier today, senior area designer Constant Gaw, who “designed and implemented vertical slice critical path quests” of the game, is currently “driving the completion of various regional content” as well as “reviewing team-generated content” for Avowed.

The update confirms that the production of Avowed remains in good shape but as such, expecting a gameplay reveal in the coming months would perhaps be pushing it. Obsidian Entertainment will likely keep working on the game for the remainder of the year and start dropping new reveals somewhere in 2022.

Take note that Avowed remains without a release window. The only thing confirmed is that a potential release is still a long way off and that the game will only be landing on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC, and be included as part of Xbox Game Pass on day one since Obsidian Entertainment was acquired by Microsoft as a first-party Xbox Game Studio back in 2018. Hence, it would be highly unlikely to expect a release on PlayStation 5.

Avowed has reportedly been in development for less than three years now. Fans can take that as a starting point to speculate the earliest possible release window.

Avowed was officially announced last year and is set in the fantasy world of Eora, the same setting of Pillars of Eternity which is another acclaimed role-playing franchise from Obsidian Entertainment.

The difference being that where Pillars of Eternity was a traditional isometric party-based game, Avowed will be more personal by allowing players to wield swords, shields, and sorcery in a first-person perspective.

Based on rumors though, the open-world of Avowed will be much larger than The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim and will host a real-time weather system. Obsidian Entertainment will also be supporting mods and pit players against gigantic bosses as well as gods.

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