How To Change FOV In Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart has a FOV of 90 by default. If you were to increase that to120, you would be able to see more of the observable world.

While most modern-day games feature a Field of View (FoV) slider, Atomic Heart has no such setting. Considering that it is a first-person shooter, being able to increase your FoV becomes all the more important.

Atomic Heart has a FOV of 90 (or below) by default. If you were to increase that to say 120, you would be able to see more of the observable world.

In other words, you would be able to see more enemies on your screen, especially the ones sneaking on you from the sides which would not be visible in the default 90 FOV setting.

Furthermore, for PC players using a widescreen, increasing the FOV will make the game look better and not appear like it is boxed in.

How to increase your Atomic Heart FOV value 

Thankfully, there are a couple of ways to increase your FOV in Atomic Heart. You can either use a third-party app or tweak a game file.

Install the Flawless Widescreen app 

FOV in Atomic Heart can be changed using a third-party app known as Flawless Widescreen. This application gives you an adjuster to change the amount of FOV as well as other settings like aspect ratio per your requirements.

Firstly, download the Flawless Widescreen application. When you open it, your files will be scanned automatically. Now search for Atomic Heart in the search bar.  Another way is to find Atomic Heart from the FWS Plugin Section.

After selecting it check the FOV Fix (Game). To the left in the In-Game FOV-Fine Adjustment, there will be a bar. You can slide the handle to change the FOV from 0% to 40%. Try 10% first to see which FOV is suitable for you.

Now open Atomic Heart without closing Flawless Widescreen. The settings will be applied to your game. You can then go back to Flawless Widescreen and again change the setting and repeat the process.

Edit the Atomic Heart Engine.ini file 

The Flawless widescreen will be sufficient if you need to slightly change the FOV. The max setting you can get is 40% more than the original. If you have ultra-wide screens and you want more FOV, you can use the Engine.ini file. This method will adjust the game’s FOV to your aspect ratio.

For this method, you will need to find the Engine.ini file and edit it using a text editor. It will be found in the Atomic Heart folder and it goes to Saved and then Config.WindowsNoEditor. In this folder, you will find the Engine.ini file. Open it using the text editor.

In the text editor of the Engine.ini file, go to the bottom of the file and add the following lines



After entering these lines, save and exit from the file and open the game. It will be adjusted to your screen aspect ratio.

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