How To Unlock All Endings In Atomic Heart

Atomic Hearts has two different endings. You can choose to play either one at some point late in the game, although only one of the endings is the true ending as intended by the developers of the game.

In the true or good ending, you set things right by realizing how Sechenov played you and taking him down. The other ending, majorly called the bad ending, is a short one and not worth playing out.

If you want to learn more about the Atomic Heart endings and how to get each one, then you are at the right place.

Atomic Heart endings explained

Both endings of Atomic Heart branch out from a single, common point in the storyline. You will need to make a choice of which ending you want to pursue just before the boss fight with the Twins.

This specific point in the story comes right after you escape from the Archives of the Academy of Consequences. When P-3 wakes up after killing Dr. Filatova in his blackout rage, he finds Granny Zina.

Granny Zina explains that she’s your mother-in-law, and with the help of Charles, will persuade you to put an end to Sechenov’s evil plans. They want you to stop Sechenov before he launches the Atomic Heart and takes over the world.


Right after that, you will be faced with the ending choices to decide the fate of the world in Atomic Hearts.

  • “I’m not laying a finger on Sechenov. I’m out. I’ve had enough of this game.”
  • “Whatever, lady… why don’t you show me what’s in that arsenal of yours?”

If you agree with their plans, you will need to kill Sechenov to unlock the good (the best) ending of Atomic Heart.

However, if you side with Sechenov, you will avoid all of the conflicts and unlock the bad ending.

What happens if you choose to leave in Atomic Heart?

Choosing to walk away from the fight will make the game move on with the leave ending. In this ending, P-3 decides to remain neutral and avoid the conflict, allowing Sechenov to proceed with his plans.

The game will end right after you make the choice to walk away. P-3 will rip out the Kolletiv Node from under his Polymer Glove and a small cutscene will begin, followed shortly after by the credits.

You can later select the Return to Facility 3826 option from the menu to jump back into the game or reload the save point back to where you were faced with the choices and move on to the true ending.

What happens if you choose to fight in Atomic Heart?

Choosing to keep fighting will make the game move on with the fight Sechenov ending. In this ending, P-3 decides to go after Sechenov and sabotage his plans of launching the Atomic Heart.

This ending also involves a boss fight with the two ballerina twins. This is a hard fight, so you have a bit of time to prepare. You start off at the save point and vending machine where you can stock up on some gear and prepare for the fight ahead.

Once you’re ready, you can confront Sechenov by ziplining down to Chelomey and traveling to the old facility. As you enter through the large gates, you will start a boss fight with Left – one of the two twins.

This will be a hard fight, but once you defeat her, you can interact with her at the center of the arena to start a cutscene. Once that is over, head into the elevator to go to the floor above.

Now, you will head inside the elevator on the opposite end of the area to travel to the floor above.

Entering the floor above, you will have some time to stock up again. Once you do that, you will walk through the doors to trigger another cutscene. You will see Sechenov setting the twins to target you, initiating another boss fight.

After taking out the twins, you will eventually shoot Dr. Sechenov and get the true ending in the Atomic Heart. In the end, you will learn that Charles is the one behind everything terrible happening.

You will also learn that Charles wants humans to realize they have no future. The credits will play out once the cutscene ends.