Your Guide To Atomic Heart Ballet Robots

There are a lot of speculations about these twin robots in the Atomic Heart, including the sex-hour sex scene, which we will clear out.

The twin robots in Atomic Heart are nothing but two robots bodyguarding the Sechenov. These Atomic Heart Ballet robots are even ready to take out any opponents on the order of their master. There are a lot of speculations about these two robots in Atomic Heart, including the six-hour sex scene. But most of them are just speculations, and we will tell you all about the Atomic Heart Ballet robot twins.

Who are the Ballet robots in Atomic Heart

So, who are the two ballet robots? Both the robot twins in Atomic Heart, Left and Right, are voiced by Anita Pudikova. The Ballet robots in Atomic Heart are personal assistants and bodyguards of Sechenov. Being robots, they are obedient to the end and follow all and any orders given to them. 

Both twins are made from the latest cutting-edge technology developed by Sechenov. Their shape makes it look like they are wearing skin-tight leotards. Most of the robots in Atomic Heart don’t look human-like, but the twins are an exception. Their slender humanoid figures and crown-braided hair built-in on their heads are all designed to give them a femme fatale vibe.

Interestingly, the braided hair for women in Russian culture represents that they are married, which might indicate that Sechenov is a confirmed Robosexual in Atomic Heart.

Both the robotic twins, Left and Right, are expert killers. Don’t let their ballerina-like appearance distract you. Both twins are over 8 feet tall and can extend their appendages to increase their attack range. They are highly skilled, as they pinned a KGB agent to the ground without any problem. 

Robot sex scene explained

Now, let’s talk about the six-hour sex scene rumored to be in the game. First of all, why the hell would we want a SIX HOUR LONG CUTSCENE showing robot sex in a game? This is what the developers thought, so there is NO six-hour sex scene in the game. 

Even though the rumor gained much attention online, we don’t understand why this rumor even started. The game has less than 5 hours of the cutscene in total, and squeezing in a six-hour-long sex scene would have been a pretty absurd thing.

Fortunately, we do get a few sexual innuendos in the game. First of all, Sechenov’s sexual preference for robots and the fact that it is explicitly stated that these twin robots could do much more than kill.

In numerous places, your character in the game will ask to have sex with various robots, including the twins. This will be all you get if you anticipate a full-on sex scene.

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