Atlas Fallen Performance Will Be Up To The Mark, Says Creative Director

Atlas Fallen had a preview round-up recently and those who got the hands-on experience had mostly good things to say about the game. However, there were some reports about the FPS dips in certain areas and combat heavy scenes.

The good news is that the developer is aware of these issues and they are working to address them. Creative Director Jan Close explained the issue to us:

Let’s say that our team is working on optimizations up until the last minute. I’m sure that we’re going to tackle many of those issues before release. The preview build had an engine bug where the task-scheduler was working slower for some high-end CPUs. This has since been fixed and was only an issue on selected hardware.

It’s good to see that they are aware of those bugs and addressing them as they proceed further into the development. Performance improvement could also be one of the main reasons behind the recent delay of Atlas Fallen. The game has now been delayed to August 11. So those extra 3 months could be beneficial for different aspects of the game.

As things stand, the developer isn’t really sure about resolution and FPS on consoles as they are in the process of improving overall performance of the game.

With these items I can’t give you exact numbers yet, because – as I said before – our tech team is still hard at work optimizing the game and trying to go for the best possible performance and stability. We’ll try our very best, this much I can promise!

The Surge 2 performed well on console and was descent enough on PC so we can rest assured that The Atlas Fallen will get similar treatment. Recent delay to add more time for optimizations adds more weight to this notion.

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