Astro’s Playroom Drains DualSense Battery In Under 4 Hours

DualSense features a larger battery compared to DualShock 4 which should give players around three to four hours more of gameplay on a single charge. Astro’s Playroom however makes short work of that improved battery life.

According to a report by EveryEye earlier today, DualSense has to be recharged after just four hours of gameplay in Astro’s Playroom. A battery life of under four hours sounds pretty disappointing when considering that prior reports suggested close to ten hours of gameplay on a single charge.

However, something important to note is that Astro’s Playroom is a game specifically designed by Sony Interactive Entertainment to demonstrate what the new PlayStation 5 controller is capable of. Astro’s Playroom hence “deliberately amplifies the sensations triggered by DualSense and also makes extensive use of the integrated microphone.” The good news is that with other games, the DualSense battery lasts around seven hours on average.

DualSense features new adaptive triggers and haptic feedback that make players feel the ground they are walking on, the weapons they are firing, and such. The features likely take a great toll on the battery life. The features can however be disabled to boost usage out of a single charge. That would however be counterproductive since the new wireless controller is part of the next-generation gameplay which PlayStation promises.

DualSense sports a battery capacity of 1,560 mAh. DualShock 4 sports a battery capacity of 1,000 mAh in comparison and the Nintendo Switch Pro controller 1,300 mAh. Sony has confirmed that PS5-exclusive games will require players to use the new controller, but backwards compatible PS4 games will still run with DualShock 4.

Astro’s Playroom is part of the PS5 launch lineup. The game comes pre-loaded on every PlayStation 5 console for free, meaning that players can jump straight into the 3D platformer without having to download the game from PlayStation Network.

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