How to Level Up Fast in Astral Chain

In this Astral Chain Guide, we have detailed some of the tips and tricks which will help you level up fast in Astral Chain and increase your Duty Rank.

This Astral Chain guide will cover all of the tips there are on how to level up fast in Astral Chain, increase Duty Rank faster, and Legion leveling up techniques. Whenever your Duty Rank increases, your health fills up and you are also provided with a new costume to wear. You have Legion which levels up through fighting.

Every time you level up in Astral Chain, you hit a new rank. You start off by completing the missions provided to you by the game. Completing these missions helps you in gaining experience which increases your Duty Rank.

Level Up Fast in Astral Chain

Officer Leveling Up Tips
You gain experience when you take part in combats and if you perform well by taking as low damage as possible and collecting the Red Matter then you boost up your experience at a much higher rate.

When you are done with the Files, you are awarded the experience at the end and that is how you are given the Duty Rank. This Duty Rank determines the level of your officer.

To get more Duty Rank, you need to collect Red Matter and perform better in the chapters. Kill as many enemies as you can and try not to take too much damage as an Officer.

Legion Leveling Up Tips
When you participate in combat, you have to fight and kill enemies and dodge their attacks. Killing the enemies in the fights gives you Gene Code and that Gene Code is responsible to level up your Legion.

Now, if you want to level up your Legion at a faster rate then whenever an enemy is close to dying and the finisher icon appears on the screen, make sure to use the finisher on the enemy and this is how you are going to earn even more Gene Code which will level up your Legion faster.

More Legion means more Gene Code and that is how you will level up faster as you gain much more experience in this time. Using the Legion attack will finish off the enemy and will also restore your health.

So now you know that whenever you are taking part in combat, which should be very often, all you have to do is to try dodging the enemy attack which is going to do you less damage and finish all the enemies by doing the finish off.

Gaining more Legion in all the combats should be your top priority while playing the game.