Astral Chain Difficulty Settings Guide – Differences, What Should You Choose

Astral Chain Difficulty Settings Guide will help you learn all about the differences in different difficulty settings and which one should you choose.

The difficulty is referred to Playstyle in Astral Chain which can be changed at the start of every Chapter or if you go to Neuron Head Quarters at the police station and visit your PC. The question arises that what playstyles we have in the game then and to help you with that we have written this guide. Let’s get to it then.

Astral Chain Difficulty Settings

You will have three playstyles at the start of the game and the fourth one will unlock after you have completed each file.

Unchained (Super casual / Guardian)
You watch as the automated combats play out for you. It is considered the story mode and is very easy as you get unlimited revives and you are ranked in the end.

Casual (Advantageous)
This can be considered the Easy mode where you will get six revives after which there’s game over and each file would be replenished and you can revert back to the unchained level of difficulty.

Standard PT (Antagonism)
This can neither be considered Normal nor Hard, it comes in between the two. The number of revives is 2 and after each File is completed you will get a ranking with 6 grades.

Ultimate PT (Limit)
After completing each file this playstyle will be available to you and it is very challenging. As the number of revives is zero and the ranking you get here matters more. Also, you cannot use guard mode anymore in this playstyle.

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