Astral Chain Tips and Tricks – Beginners Tips to Get You Started

Our Astral Chain Tips and Tricks Guide will teach you all the handy tricks that can help make your experience in the game better and enjoyable.

Astral Chain the latest action game from PlatinumGames delivers stylish and fast-paced gameplay. However, like all PlatinumGames titles before, there are some beginner tips and tricks to keep in mind to get the most out of your initial experience with Astral Chain.

Astral Chain Tips and Tricks

Although the plot seems simple the game is packed with complex but interesting nooks and crannies that you might just miss if you do not have a keen eye for details.

Our Tips and Tricks Guide would help you to fully experience the game by keeping in mind a few pointers:

During the game, you would eventually acquire five Legions each with a certain skill set. The attacks of each Legion might or might not compliment another Legion’s.

As you learn this through trial and error organize these Legions in the correct order so when you switch a Legion it is followed up by an attack that compliments the first.

Let ‘Em Rip
The lesions that you have can each be taught the skill ‘Hit Rush’. This unchains the Legion to allow it to attack freely while you can summon another Legion.

This time when one Legion attacks the targets can be used either to heal or be used to clear the chaotic field better with the help of the second Legion.

Don’t Be afraid to be a Coward
Although one might be arrogant enough to jump headfirst into a fight, sometimes it gets overwhelming. In case you want to heal during a fight, the axe Legion can protect you.

However, we would recommend you to mount the beast Legion as it can dodge attacks without you doing anything. Meanwhile, you can juice up your skill, out some distance between you and your enemy or just stall.

Medical Support
When you come across field medical items try to use them more liberally as they are generated anew for each mission.

They cannot be carried forward and are wasted in case you do not utilize them. You can also move around in the first two floors in the Headquarters before the beginning of a mission to collect field items.

Raining Money
Completion of your file would lead you to earn a grade which in turn determines how much you are paid. Money or G’s are extremely important in the game. This is used for all upgrades, medicine and combat stuff that you purchase.

Although you can surely get more G’s in Astral Chain by performing better in each file. That being said, a lot more G’s can be earned by selling Salvage such as Broken X-Baton or Chipped Radios. This can be sold to a merchant to earn cash.

This may sound cliché but fast travel is possible when at the home base. This would cut down on the time you spend walking around. Load times are almost instantaneous!

Cashing in on rewards
As you progress through the storyline you would be completing different tasks or small adventures. These things generate rewards which you can come across in the orders menu.

Cashing out on orders is to be done manually, these rewards such as premium codes can be used to upgrade your Legion.

Finish it off using “Finish off”
The last tip that we would like to depart is a combat one. As you progress through the game the combat gets tougher exponentially and in order to conserve health, you need to use everything in your arsenal.

When a chimera is near death you can use the ‘Finish off’ command that appears beside it. This would instantly kill it as well as boosting your health and Gene core.

We hope these Astral Chain tips would help you complete the game while enjoying it to the fullest!

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