Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Wincestre Collectibles Locations Guide

This Assassin's Creed Valhalla Wincestre Collectibles Locations guide contains all the collectibles you can find in Wincestre in AC Valhalla.

The massive world of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is packed with many tasks to do if you are not on a main mission. This Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Wincestre Collectibles Locations guide contains all the collectibles you can find in Wincestre in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Wincestre Collectibles Locations

Below we mention collectibles locations in the form of wealth, mysteries and artifacts in the Wincestre region of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Wealth Locations

Wealth Collectibles are marked on the map by Golden Icons. There are 10 Collectibles in Wincestre Area.

Usually, they contain upgrade material used to improve your character.

Finding all of these Items for all territories earns you Completionist All the Way! Trophy or achievement.

Wealth 1: Tungsten Ingot
Located near the northern part of Wincestre. As you approach the location of this collectible, activate Odin’s Sight to detect the chest.

Once you have detected the chest, you need to find its key. Look for a house nearby with an opening under the roof.

Loot this house to get the Key for the chest, then unlock the chest to collect your loot.

Wealth 2: Tungsten Ingot
Just to the southeast of the 1st one, when you reach the location, collect the key from a small table in one of the houses, then enter the house opposite to this one.

Use the wooden barricade window to get in. Inside the house, locate the 2nd barricade and then climb through the hole to open the chest and collect your loot.

Wealth 3: Tungsten Ingot
This is the 3rd of these in this area. Located almost in the center of the town, you need to find 2 keys for this chest.

First, locate the chest. Then in the house opposite to this chest, shoot the barricade to gain entrance and get the key lying on the table.

The second key is on the roof of the house in which the chest itself is present. It is on the lower part of the roof of the house.

Wealth 4: Suttunger’s Claw, Flawless Dagger, Wolf Gear
These are found in an underground chest. It is one of the marks on the left of the town map, the one above.

Access the underground area from the stair icon, dive into the water and follow the path.

As you emerge after crossing the flooded tunnel, ignore the locked door, and blow up the wall towards your left using an Incendiary Arrow. Climb up the wall to get your gear.

Wealth 5: Tungsten Ingot
The one just above Witon Hall, as you reach the location, locate the scaffolding and wine barrels at the entrance of your location.

Right next to the entrance is the key; grab it and unlock the opposite door. Enter the room and climb the ladder.

Upstairs, break the wooden barricade and move the obstacles in-order to climb up. Get up and open the chest to collect the loot.

Wealth 6: Mentor’s Trouser, Flawless Pants, Raven Gear
Enter the building (on the mark in the left corner of the map) to collect the chest. Simple.

Wealth 7: Axe Blizzard Upgrade
From the 6th collectible, enter the garrison toward the south.

Get to the first floor and shoot an arrow through the window to destroy the door lock of one of the doors in the other room.

Climb back out, then climb from the other side to get into the now unlocked room to get the Book of Knowledge.

Wealth 8: Tungsten Ingot
The southernmost mark in the town map, get to the location and climb the Seminary from one of the colored glass windows.

These windows are on the lower roof. Drop down inside and head straight. You will notice a wooden barricade up; shoot it.

Now move the obstacle under it and climb through the space into the room with the loot.

Wealth 9: Thegn’s Cloak, Flawless Cloak, Bear Gear
The eastern most icon, enter the building and climb up.

Destroy the wooden barricade and enter the room, then move the obstacle as required and stand on it to destroy the lock on the door.

Then enter the door you just unlocked to collect your gear.

Wealth 10: Thegn’s Great Helm, Flawless Helmet, Bear Gear
You need to find 3 keys for this collectible. The first key is in the Minister’s Central Aisle.

Go right to enter the area with writing desks. Look for the door on the right, climb over it to get the key.

The second key can be found on the Steeple. Here, destroy the crates to slide under and collect the key.

For the third key, look up from the Minister’s Central Aisle send you will notice it on a wooden beam. Climb up and collect this key.

With all the keys in your possession, go out, and shoot the colored window panel above the entrance. Then climb into it to locate the chest and get the gear.


These are always marked by Blue Icons and appear automatically by synchronizing the viewpoints.

Mysteries are basically the side quests of AC Valhalla. Finishing all the Mysteries of the game earns you Completionist All the Way! Trophy or achievements.

There are four Mysteries in the area of Wincestre.

Mystery 1: Mildberg the Miracle Legs
Head into the market place, and talk to the little girl. She will request you for a race.

Don’t get too distressed as she will beat you no matter how fast you run. Once the race is over, this Mystery will end.

Mystery 2: Romeo and Aethelflaed
At the location of this Mystery, locate the boy standing on the top of the scaffolding of the church.

Climb up to talk to the boy. The boy requests for a flower on the branch of a nearby tree.

You need to slide down the zipline to get above the branch, then jump off to get on the branch. Once you finally grab the flower, return to the kid to end the Mystery.

Mystery 3: Aelfred’s Jewels
Get to the location marked on the map and talk to the man. You need to find a way into Cedric’s house to get a Jewel.

Go to the back of the house and shoot down the barricade and enter the house. Here, talk to the Jeweller.

You can either pay him 230 coins or a level 4 Charisma answer.

You then have the choice to return the jewel to Cedric or keep it for yourself. The Mystery will then end.

Mystery 4
Talk to the man in the church. He asks you to illuminate the church.

To do so, exit the church, climb the scaffolding and move the obstacle to block the lights from entering the windows. Talk to the man again to end the Mystery.

Wincestre Artifacts

Artifacts are present in the form of papers that mostly fly away. White icons represent these on the map. There are a total of 5 in the area of Wincestre.

Artifact 1-3: Flying Paper
These are all represented by a white icon of a paper. As soon as you reach them, these will fly away and you’d need to chase them to get them.

Artifact 4: Hoard Treasure Map
In the Wincestre Monastery, shoot the colored glass panel to enter through the roof, then drop down to get the map.

Artifact 5: Hoard Treasure Map
Enter the building with the icon, and break the wooden barricade. Enter through the space and get the map from the second room.

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