Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Wardens of Wealth Locations Guide

This Assassin’s Creed Valhalla guide is about the locations of the Order of Ancient Members who fall in the cluster of Warden of Wealth. The Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Wardens of Wealth Locations guide covers the clues that are required to find the locations and the locations of the Order of the Ancient themselves.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Wardens of Wealth Locations

The Order of the Ancients is divided into smaller branches, each governing a certain section of power across England and Norway.

These Order of the Ancient branches in AC Valhalla include:

Order of the Ancient – The Anvil (Patrick)

First Clue: The first clue can be gained from killing an order member named Leofgifu, located in Grantebridgescire.

Second Clue: The location of the second clue is Saint Albanes Abbey in Oxenefordscire.

You’ll see a table by the forge there. On the table, there is a note that lets you figure out that Patrick is really called The Anvil.


Location of The Anvil: He is located in Oxenforda, which is located on the west of Oxenefordscire. You will see him working in the forge while a guard is also nearby.

Order of the Ancient – The Billhook (Havelok)

First Clue: As you eliminate The Anvil, you’ll be able to get the first clue immediately there.

Second Clue: On the northwest of Lincolnscire, there’s a farm called Aelfgarstun, simply just walk into the farmhouse, and you can find the clue to the location to The Billhook.

Location of The Billhook: You will find Billhook down in the city of Lincoln. Billhook will be there inside of the house, and you can easily assassinate him from behind.

Order of the Ancient – The Lathe (Mucel Heir to What He Tells)

First Clue: Clear out the Garrison on the west side of Oxenefordscire and there you’ll find a barn. Inside of that barn, there will be a chest; after looting it, you’ll be able to find the first clue.

Second Clue: The first clue will send you to Buckingham to play there against an Orlog champion. This is just the regular player in the Orlog. Beat her to get another hint.

Third Clue: On the east of Oxenforda and there’ll you find a place called Eatun Barn.

You need to blow up the gate using a fire barrel you’ll find lying around.

Once it is blown up, head inside. You will find a statue upon which there will be a key, grab it.

Move the rock and go to the other side. You’ll see an eye symbol there, which is your clue.

Location of The Lathe: With this clue, you’ll know that the location of The Lathe is in Buckingham. Use your Odin Vision and take him out.

Order of the Ancient – The Ash-Spear (Gifle)

First Clue: After you defeat The Lathe, you’ll find your first clue to The Ash-Spear.

Second Clue: On the northeast side of East Anglie, there’s a place called Ruined Tower, go there. Outside the tower, you will see an eye symbol, go to it and collect your second clue.

Third Clue: Almost on the center of the East Anglie, right below Britannia’s Watch, you’ll have to clear out the camp and look for the eye symbol. Now you have found the third clue too. The identity of Ash-Spear as Gifle is revealed.

Location of The Ash-Spear: On the bottom left side of East Anglie, there’s a place called Forest Hideout, you’ll find The Ash-Spear sleeping in a hut; head there and eliminate him.

Order of the Ancient – The Tang (Wigmund)

This order member is going to be eliminated during the story. When you’re playing the mission called An Island of the Eels, you’ll have the chance to kill him.

Order of the Ancient – The Crozier (Bishop Herefrith)

In chapter 5, you can find The Crozier inside of the church. You will have to fight him and take him out.

Order of the Ancient – The Lyre (Tatfrid)

As we have killed all the members of the Warden of the Wealth, we have the location of the last member, The Lyre.

He is located in Grantebridge, you may find him in the marketplace or he’ll be playing music on a stage.

Once you eliminate him, you’ll complete the Warden of Wealth branch of Order of the Ancients.

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