Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Essexe Collectibles Locations Guide

This Assassin’s Creed Valhalla guide will focus on the Wealth, Mystery, and Artifact collectibles locations in the region of Essexe. It will also cover how you can obtain each of them.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Essexe Collectible Locations

Essexe Wealth Locations

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Wealth collectible locations in Essexe will be marked by golden icons on the world map. Wealth includes the following types of Collectibles:

  1. Ingots
  2. Gear
  3. Abilities
  4. Cargo

Wealth No. 1: Gear
Location: North of Maeldun

Fire an Incendiary Arrow on the wall, which will blow it up.

Wealth No. 2: Ingot
Location: West of Maeldun Saltern Camp

You need a key first. An opponent of the Standard Bearer discovered by the water pools by the sea has it. Then, crawl up the lower roof of the house where the object of riches is and aim from the window at the door lock. To open the chest located on the upper floor, enter the building.


Wealth No. 3: Ingot
Location: East of Maeldun Saltern Camp

The enemy you kill for previous wealth owns this place too.

Wealth No. 4: Ingot
Location: Turrand Lars Ruins

Dive, then reach the wall hole. Then swim to the left, straight ahead, down the stairs, up the stairs, then back to the surface again. Then, to hit the chest, scale the walls.

Wealth No. 5: Ingot
Location: Porr Wall

Find a camp of an enemy. The chest is hidden inside of it. Within the surrounding tower is the key. You need to ascend the tower and then smash the barricade on the floor as the door leading to it is blocked. Climb down the key and grab it. Then go with the chest to the house to open it and get this Ingot.

Wealth No. 6: Ingot
Location: Kiny Aesewine’s Tomb

In order to find the chest, blow up the wall with an Incendiary Arrow.

Wealth No. 7: Ingot
Location: South of Colcustre

Blow up the ruins to enter the nearest access to the dungeon, heading down two floors. Naturally, you can proceed on the main route.

Alternatively, crawl up the scaffolding and gradually transfer the platform with some water to reach a new office. Plunge into the sea.

There’s a fork here. You need to swim to the left of the Ingot, but the door is closed. Swim right instead to locate the key.

You’ll run up another scaffolding finally. To swing toward the other side, use the handle.

To get a key, dive into the tiny tub. Swim back up and open the door the direction you came from.   The key required to enter the Ingot is stored in this room.

Now retrace your steps and head back to the fork and swim right again, as if you were joining the Bureau for the first time.

This is the same route that took you to the second scaffolding you swung from earlier on.

Do not go back to the scaffolding but pause halfway to find the door that leads you to the key we need to open the Ingot door. Collect the key and swim to open the door this time and retrieve the slice of wealth.

Wealth No. 8: Gear
Location: South of Colcustre

You will find this wealth once you enter the door.

Wealth No. 9: Ingot
Location: Colcestre Barracks

One of the Archer enemies atop the ruined tower has it.

Wealth No. 10: Ingot
Location: Colcestre Barracks

First, a key that is within a locked area has to be located. Fire an arrow from each of the small openings across the locked area to open one of the doors.

Now, in the screenshot below, reach the room and step down the ladder. Open the door to the left and switch to grab the key from the platform.

Now, climb up the tower of wood and fire the lockout of the barred doors. Climb down the ladder and catch your bit of wealth. Reach the tower.

Wealth No. 11: Ability
Location: Sanceta Church

To find a locked entrance, enter a church. The secret is on the other side of the church, but you need to move a deck to the left of the bar entrance to the church to get to it.

Come in and catch them from the window and open the door now. Move the platform into the unlocked space to quickly reach the ladder and climb up.

Then, from the next ladder, fire the lock and ascend upwards.

Wealth No. 12: Gear
Location: Heist Outpost

Go towards the exact position of the marker and with two opponents, you can enter a slightly elevated area.

There are some metal bars on the ground here that you can fire through the door lock.

Wealth No. 13: Cargo
Location: Just east of Sancta Maria’s Abbey

Initiate a raid, kill all the enemies, and loot the chest

Wealth No. 14: Cargo
Location: Just south-east of Sancta Maria’s Abbey

No combat or force is required; simply find the stables.

Wealth No. 15: Cargo
Location: Further south-east of Sancta Maria’s Abbey

Initiate a raid, kill all the enemies, and loot the chest.

Wealth No. 16: Ingot
Location: East of Belesduna Bandit Camp

You will have to use Odin’s Sight to locate the key, which is with an enemy.

Wealth No. 17: Ingot
Location: Belesduna Bandit Camp

It is held by an enemy that you had killed earlier.

Wealth No. 18: Ability
Location: Belesduna Bandit Camp

Go and fire down the wooden barricade at the rear of the church. Shoot down the door lock from here and enter the room from the other side.

Wealth No. 19: Ingot
Location: Just south of Belesduna Bandit Camp

You will see a post, go ahead and climb it. From there, shoot the door lock in order to grab the Wealth.

Mystery locations

Mysteries get marked by blue icons on the world map.

Mystery No. 1: World Event (Take Me a Husband)
Location: Northwest of Furrim Larus Ruins

You will see a woman. The woman wants you to abduct a man who lives nearby in a house with red flowers all over the area.

Head above the hill to notice a house surrounded by red flowers and a man by a well. Chat with him.

This is going to trigger a fist war. Beat him, tie him, and carry him downhill to the woman’s house.

Mystery No. 2:World Event (The Banshee)
Location: Far west of Maeldun

Go ahead and start a conversation with the weeping man in the hideout. Fire the arrow over his red tent at the barricade. Shoot him now and gather his loot to finish the mystery.

Mystery No. 3: Treasure of Britain
Location: South East of Colcestre

Keep going forward until you see a branch from which you can swing off. Go left or right before you are able to advance deeper into the tunnel.

Continue down the road and finally, you can enter a cellar with a lot of big barrels. The Treasure is lying under a crate that you are unable to reach.

You need to open enough barrels to get what you’ve come here for by firing an arrow at their locks.

Mystery No. 4: Flyting
Location: North of Colcestre

Following are the solutions:

  1. For they put all who hear them sleep.
  2. I’ll defeat you and banish all doubt.
  3. Lend a salve, for your words make me ill.

Mystery No.5: Fly Agaric
Location: Northeast of Halstead Outpost

When you’re facing the gate, here’s the solution from left to right: red, blue, blue, red, red, blue.

Mystery No. 6: World Event (Mother)
Location: Southeast of Halstead Outpost

Shoot the wolf on the place, pick up the roof and pick up the lovely roses. This will cause the opportunity to chat inside the house with the guy.

To end this mystery, speak to the man inside and choose some dialogue choice.

Mystery No. 7: World Event (The Riddler)
Location: Far west of Halstead Outpost

He has 3 riddles for you. Here are the riddles and their solutions:

  1. My head is forged with the hammer, hurt with sharp tools, smoothed by flies. I take in my mouth what is set before me: a lock and key.
  2. I saw a strange thing, wonderful of shape, singing in a tavern. Its beak underneath stood upon splayed legs that cannot walk: bagpipes.
  3. With my roofs of tears, I am driven far and wide on my avenging path. When I shake the forest, I rumble the fruit from the trees: a storm.

Mystery No. 8: Offering Altar
Location: Walhaenu Altar

For this, you need 30 Iron Ore. They can be found in caves, especially those leading to Treasures of Britain.

Mystery No. 9: World Event (The Prodigy)

Location: Agnitum Tower

You will have to talk to the man and then the bishop opposite him. Finally, beat him to end this Mystery.

Mystery No. 10: World Event (Devil’s Hole)
Location: Bcorn

Speak to a man. Join the cave and speak to the man.   You will determine whether to save or kill. Return to the man outside the cave to put this mystery to an end.

Mystery No. 11: World Event (The Gleewoman)
Location: South West of Wulfaswre

Let the woman free and communicate with her. The lady is going to start cheering you up. She needs you to see an opponent killed.

She will quit after a while and you are faced with three options, but you must pay her the highest amount to end this mystery.

Mystery No. 12: World Event (The Boar with the Golden Nose)
Location: North West of Old Gravesham Bridge

Find the Boarmaster and start a conversation with him. Follow the boar now, and when the boar stops, examine the ground.

Now go ahead and pick up the first treasure and again afterward pursue the boar. Examine the field again after it ends.

Follow the boar yet again after collecting the third treasure but be ready to fend off any thugs attempting to kill it this time.

To bring an end to this mystery, now gather the fourth treasure next to the boar.


Artifact Collectible locations in Essexe in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla get marked by white icons on the map. They include the following types of collectibles:

  • Rigsogur Fragments
  • Treasure Hoard Maps
  • Flying Papers
  • Roman Artifacts
  • Cursed Symbols

Artifact No. 1: Roman Artifact
Location: Far North West of Maeldun’s Saltern Camp

There are some Roman ruins are near the site of this Artifact.  Sitting on a nest, on one of the tree branches seen below, is this Roman Artifact. From its root, you can ascend the tree.

Artifact No. 2: Rigsogur Fragment
Location: Ealdorman’s Trouse

Enter the house from one of the open windows at the back. Then, go up the left stairs to find an open room with the Artifact inside.

Artifact No. 3: Roman Artifact
Location: Ealdorman’s Trouse

Go on the roof of the building.

Artifact No. 4: Roman Artifact
Location: Just North West of Colcestre Barracks

You will find it under some hay.

Artifact No. 5: Flying Paper
Location: Colcestre

Start by triggering the paper and chase it along its path to grab it.

Artifact No. 6: Flying Paper
Location: West of Colcestre

This too starts by triggering the paper and chase it along its path to grab it.

Artifact No. 7: Treasure Hoard Map
Location: Sancta Church

To find a locked entrance, enter a church. The secret is on the other side of the church, but you need to move aboard to the left of the bar entrance to the church to get to it.

Come in and catch them from the window and open the door now. Move the platform into the unlocked space to quickly reach the ladder and climb up.

Then, from the next ladder, fire the lock and ascend upwards.

Artifact No. 8: Cursed Symbol
Location: Far North of Sancta Church

Fire at the barricade and move the platform to find this Cursed Symbol.

Artifact No. 9: Cursed Symbol
Location: South of Walden

This Cursed Symbol is in a cage hanging from one of the tree branches.

Artifact No. 10: Roman Artifact
Location: Far North West of Beorn Cavern

Fire an explosive arrow at the ruins on the upper floor of the ruins to expose an opening on the ground that leads you to this Roman artifact.

Artifact No. 11: Cursed Symbol
Location: Far South East of Belsduna Bandit Camp

Shoot the Cursed Symbol at the center of the tree.

Artifact No. 12: Roman Artifact
Location: South West of Wulfaswre

You will have to move the platform on the top of the ruin to grab this artifact.

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