Assassin’s Creed Valhalla East Anglia Collectibles Locations Guide

In this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla East Anglia Collectibles Locations guide, we’ll talk about all the Wealth, Mystery, and Artifacts,

In this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla East Anglia Collectibles Locations guide, we’ll talk about the Wealth, Mystery, and Artifact collectibles locations in East Anglia in AC Valhalla.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla East Anglia Collectibles Locations

With a world as lively as the one you will experience in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla; it should come as no surprise that its full of secrets and collectibles for you to discover.

The region of East Anglia is likewise full of things for you to discover and collect, and this guide will help you with exactly that.

East Anglia Wealth Locations

A total of 16 Wealth locations are present in East Anglia.

Collecting all of them will reward you with the Territories for the Completionist All the Way trophy.

Amongst these locations, you can leave out location 12 and 13, and come back to them later during the gameplay.

However, its better to collect all of the collectible along the way. Wealth locations can be navigated using golden icons on the world map.

Wealth #1 – Gear
You’ll find Magister’s Cloak, Superior Cloak, and Raven gear at Serpent’s Landing.

All of these items are located in a chest. The chest, however, is locked.

The key to the chest is located outside the other red tent in the vicinity.

You’ll find it lying on a table.

Wealth #2 – Ingot
There is a false floor in the farmhouse, that could be exposed with the help of an arrow. The chest lies under the false floor.

The key to the farmhouse is located behind the church, and the key to the chest can be picked up from the door.

Wealth #3 – Ingot
You’ll find it from the body of Hell-Raiser enemy. You’ll have to kill him before looting his body.

Wealth #4 – Ability
Blinding Rush Melee ability is located inside the Ruined Tower. The chest is located behind a wall, and that wall is underneath the floor.

The floor can be destroyed by shooting at it, the wall however is not that weak. There are a couple of oil jars near the wall.

Shooting them would take down the wall.

Wealth #5 – Ingot
It is inside the house. To enter the house, you’ll need a key. They key is deep down in the well.

Enter the well after destroying its cover to access the key. Later, enter the house to access the chest.

Wealth #6: Ingot
Make your way to the Burgh Castle before looking for a room with shelves. The chest is behind the bigger shelf.

To move the bigger shelf, you’ll need to slide the smaller shelf first.

Wealth #7 – Ability
Axe Blizzard Ranged ability is found on the second floor of the ruined church.

Wealth #8 – Gear
Thor’s Helmet cannot be collected until you’ve defeated Lerion’s Daughters.

You’ll fight Goneril in Grantebridgescire, and Cordelia and Regan in East Anglia.

Winning these fights will get you three daggers. There is a statue in the underground catacombs.

Insert the daggers in its back to obtain the gear.

Wealth #9 – Gear
Magister’s Mask, Superior Helmet, and Raven gear in the main church building.

You’ll come across this building while raiding King’s Bury.

Wealth #10 – Ingot
At the same location as Wealth #9, if you look around, you’ll find another church. The key to that church is in the church you’re currently in.

Unlock the church and access the chest.

Wealth #11 – Ability
Rush and Bash Melee Ability upgrade can be grabbed from Dunwic. There is a room with a false floor.

In the same room there is a Master-At-Arms. Killing him will get you the keys.

Break through the floor using oil jars, and move a shelve in the room below.

Wealth #12 – Gear
Plank and Buckler, Superior Heavy Shield, and Bear gear can be found in a chest located behind an explosive wall inside the huge cave system.

Key will be found along the way, and the wall can be destroyed using the torch.

Wealth #13 – Gear
Carolingian Longsword, Superior Great Sword, and Bear gear is found in a tent located in the middle of Forest Hideout.

Wealth #14 – Cargo
You’ll find it while attacking Beodoricsworth.

Wealth #15 – Cargo
You’ll find it while attacking Beodoricsworth.

Wealth #16 – Cargo
You’ll find it while attacking Beodoricsworth.

Mystery Locations

There are 18 mysteries in East Anglia, and you cannot miss out on any of the mysteries.

Complete them along the way, instead of coming back to them later on.

Mysteries can be spotted on the map through blue icons. Complete all 18 mysteries to obtain the Territories for the Completionist All the Way trophy.

Mystery #1 – Standing Stones
You’ll find the solution to this mystery if you stand west of Seahenge, and turn your face towards the east.

Mystery #2 – Cairn
For this mystery all you need to do is pile up the stones in such a way that they reach a particular height.

Mystery #3 – Daughter of Lerion (Regan)
This fight will similar to that of with Goneril. Lookout for her teleportation ability. Your Axe Throw Ability will be the best counter to her moves.

All you have to do is dodge her moves, and then attack. Once she’s half way near to the death, you’ll have to watch out for her fire attacks.

There is no way you can prevent yourself from catching fire, so keep putting it out by rolling on the ground.

Keep attacking her when you find the chance and the fight is yours. The fight will be a lot easier if you’re at Power Level 110.

Mystery #4 – Offering Altar
Dropping 200 silver in the bowl will solve the mystery. The mystery would be solved without any hunting or fishing.

Mystery #5 – World Event (Green Children of Anglia)
There is treehouse in the woods. You’ll come across it by following Odin’s Sight.

Sit on the stool in the treehouse and make a dialogue to solve the mystery.

You cannot complete this mystery if you haven’t completed the fourth mystery.

Mystery #6 – Fly Agaric
There are three different gates that you need to go through, but in the correct order.

First one is the gate on the right, located between the statues. The second one has shields on its either sides.

The last one is the gate with blue flowers.

Mystery #7 – Treasure of Britain (Grime’s Graves)
Jump down the hole and keep heading straight till you come across a Cursed Symbol Artifact area.

If you look around there’ll be a curtain with a skull on it.

Head through the curtain and try seeing through the three vases on the table. You can do so by pressing R3/RS. Destroy the vase that has the treasure.

Mystery #8 – Lost Drengr (Thor the Fishmonger)
This battle will be a piece of cake if you’re at Power Level 100. Dodge the attack, and counter them immediately.

Practice some patience and you’ll be able to dominate your opponent in no time.

Mystery #9 – World Event (The Wayward)
Get the horse back to the girl from across the river.

Mystery #10 – Flyting (Chadwick, Monger of Gossip)
There are three options that you can select to solve the mystery. They are as follows:

  • Then you’re speaking to fools, and their knowledge is flawed.
  • And they’re sorely mistaken, I’m known for my might.
  • Then you’ve clearly misled them, my wit is immense

Mystery #11 – World Event (Edmund’s Arrows)
Look for the arrows on the throne and pick them up. they could either be traded for silver or kept in the inventory.

Mystery #12 – World Event (Freyja’s Friend)
Begin by speaking with the cat. A girl will come looking for the cat, talk to her as well.

Catch the cat to solve the mystery.

Mystery #13 – World Event (Hide and Hunt)
Play hide and seek with the kid, and then choose a good place to hide. You can hide on the roof of one of the huts as well.

Stay put until the kid gives up.

Mystery #14 – Daughter of Lerion (Cordelia)
Its better that you take on this daughter of Lerion after completing the story.

Since the Power Level suitable for this fight is 340.

Mystery #15 – World Event (A Blood Hymn for Edmund)
Battle with the woman and put her down.

Mystery #16 – Animus Anomaly
Grab the data packet after completing platforming section.

Mystery #17 – Legendary Animal (Black Shuck)
You’ll have to defeat the monster for this mystery. The best tactic is to dodge, and then attack. Beware of its speedy foot work.

Mystery #18 – World Event (Life-Blood)
Revive the Seer and get her back to safety with the farmer.


There are 10 artifacts included in our Assassin’s Creed Valhalla East Anglia Collectibles Locations. You’ll find them using the white icons on the map.

The artifacts are either Rigsogur Fragments, Treasure Hoard Maps, Flying Papers, or Roman Artifacts.

Collecting all of them will get you the Territories for the Completionist All the Way trophy.

Artifact #1 – Rigsogur Fragment
Enter the building and through the door on the left leading you to a backroom.

You’ll have to move some crates to access the door.

Climb the ladder into the room that has the artifact. Shoot down any blockage in the way.

Artifact #2 – Roman Artifact
Dive into the pool and swim until you reach a fork. Then, swim right and break down the breakable wall.

You’ll see a statue that holds the artifact.

Immediately swim back to catch your breath.

Artifact #3 – Flying Paper 
Lookout for a pole that is sticking out from one of the sides of the church.

Artifact #4 – Cursed Symbol
There is a shrunken head up in the tree. Shoot it!

Artifact #5 – Cursed Symbol
Head to Grime’s Graves, and find the room that contains the cursed symbol. Jump into the water and look for a Shrunken Head.

To make the job easier for you, it will be glowing.

Artifact #6 – Flying Paper
Look for a pole located near the town gate. It’ll be your starting point.

Artifact #7 – Cursed Symbol
When you come across the cursed head, put an arrow through it.

Artifact #8 – Treasure Hoard Map
Get to the church, and make your way up the ladder from the first room.

You’ll have to shoot the latch to make the ladder accessible.

Get the key and head to the outhouse to get the map.

Artifact #9 – Roman Artifact
Destroy the door using an oil jar and head inside. Lookout from the window to see another oil jar.

This oil jar will take down another wall if you shoot it with an arrow. Head inside to get the artifact.

Artifact #10 – Roman Artifact
The artifact is in a room in the church. The room can be accessed from the roof.

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