Assassin’s Creed Origins Dev Sheds Some Light On The Order Of The Ancients

An insteresting dev talk can be found on Assassin’s Creed Origins official Youtube channel, where Assassin’s Creed Origins’ Associate Narrative Director, Matthew Zagurak talks a bit more about the Order of the Ancients and what their role is in the new title of the franchise when answering questions member of the community asked him.

As we already know and have talked about earlier when seeing the Order of the Ancients dedicated trailer by Ubisoft, the Order is manned by masked figures who are seeking for power through the ancient Egypt gods. Those men are actively controlling Cleopatra’s brother Ptolemy who is the Pharaoh in the era that the game is stated in and are getting whatever it is they need from the shadows.

When asked what the Order is, Zagurak answered that it’s a powerful group with both men and women in high echelons of Egyptian society who manipulate the Pharaoh, Ptolemy, and try to pull the strings on economics, religion, war matters etc from behind the scenes. The main characters’ goal must be to find out who the members of the Order is and what they are trying to achieve in the long run.

Next Zagurak talked about the differences of Templars in past games of the franchise and the Order. While the main characters, Bayek and Aya are indeed proto-assassins but the Order is not per se proto-Templars. Their ideology is very close to what later we see in the Templars’ beliefs and the way the Order acts is kind of the foundation of the Templars in the franchise.

The Order of the Ancients might be a secret society which is unknown to the public but as previously mentioned they are people in high stations of power and influence even though people don’t know about their hidden agenta.

Things got spicy when a member of the community asked Matthew Zagurak if there is a leader to the Order. His answer was not entirely cryptic but he said the he cannot reveal if the Order of the Ancients has an actual leader since it’s a big part of Assassin’s Creed Origins story plot. Given his answer we expect the leader (if such exists) to be one giving a plot twist to the game.

Last but not least we were informed that the Order of the Ancients is not the only enemy faction in the game, given we’ve already seen bandits in a previous gameplay trailer, as we already know that the era which Assassin’s Creed Origins is stated in is an era of huge political instability so it is up to the player to find out who his enemies and allies are.

Assassin’s Creed Origins is an upcoming action RPG in development at Ubisoft and is scheduled to launch on October 27, 2017, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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