Assassin’s Creed Origins Warrior Builds Guide

The following Assassin's Creed Origins Warrior Builds Guide is going to discuss the best starting abilities and best builds for late game.

You need AC points to purchase abilities and these points are earned via main as well as side missions. Following Assassin’s Creed Origins Warrior Build guide is going to discuss the best starting abilities, best builds for late game, and which abilities are going to be more beneficial to you.

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Assassin’s Creed Origins Warrior Builds

Assassin’s Creed Origins comes with an abilities tree that gives this game a more RPG like feel. There are three different builds you can invest toward but how much an ability affect gameplay depends on which point in the game are you at.

Best Warrior Starting Abilities

Master Warrior: Increase damage for all of your melee attacks by 1%. You can buy this ability multiple time

Kill Loot: Automatically look an a killed enemy

Shield Charge: When locked on an enemy you can run faster and base enemies along the way. Your adrenaline will drain

Air Attack: Perform an air attack

Adrenaline 1: Your adrenaline is filled by +25% at the start of any encounter

Overpower: When your adrenaline bar is full you can unleash the power of your weapon

Overpower XP: Using Overpower to kill enemies grants XP boost

Weapon Bearer: Equip second melee weapon

Parry: Parry in shield mode

Regeneration: Regenerate during combat

Late Game Abilities

Overpower Combo: After an Overpower attack you can chain light attacks

Overpower Ultra: Overpower deals more damage

Charge Heavy Attack: Charge a heavy attack to deal more damage and break shields even. You can also knock enemies to the ground

Extend Combo: Deal one more melee attack to an enemy before they are able to recover.

Attack & Push: After a light attack you can perform a push attack combo

Overpower Chainthrow: After killing an enemy Overpower attack you can throw that enemy’s weapon at a different target

Adrenaline 2: Your Adrenaline is filled by +25% at the beginning of each encounter

This was our Assassin’s Creed Origins Warrior Builds Guide if you have any questions take to the comments section below.

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