Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Chapter 5 Walkthrough – Pirate Hospitality, Land of the Lawless, a Prescription for Discovery

Our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Chapter 5 Walkthrough Guide will help you with enemy encounters, important choices, and everything you need to do.

Our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Chapter 5 Walkthrough Guide will help you complete all the main missions associated with the game’s fifth chapter. We have detailed a complete walkthrough of everything you need to do, important choices, enemy encounters, and more.

However, do note that we have not talked about collectibles, weapons, armor, and other details. You can always refer to our individual guides for more information on those.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Chapter 5 Walkthrough

In the Pirate Hospitality main quest, our aim will be to find out about other mother’s whereabouts from the pirate ‘Xenia’.

Pirate Hospitality

Your role here will be to pay Xenia in drachma to get information on your mother’s whereabouts. You can find Xenia on the island of Keos. Dock your ship on the east side of the island.

You can find Xenia in Pirate’s Revenge. Move to the location of the building and you will enter a cinematic.

Apparently, Xenia will show her mettle by throwing a thug through the door onto the front porch and label him a slave, cutting a slave mark on his forehead ultimately.

When you meet Xenia, she will seem very aggressive. You will reveal your birthmarks to her and that you have connections to Aspasia.

Finally, you will ask Xenia of your mother’s whereabouts and she will describe that she will need drachma for her services. She will ask for 1,500 Drachmae.

Note that if you killed any of her pirates or if you lie to her even once, her fee will be 1700 Drachmae. If you can afford that, that is good enough.

However, if you cannot, you will need to complete her side quests titled Red in the Wreckage, Lost and Found, We are not Thieves, We’re Treasure Hunters, Recruitment Dive, and finally A Chest Full of Drachmae.

You can get 1,300 Drachmae per quest. You can find these side quests here.

Warm Conversation with Xenia

When you pay her the drachma, she will tell you the story of how your mother was a member of her crew and used the nickname ‘Phoenix’. Xenia will later reveal that your mother sailed southwest of this island.

Xenia will invite you to come back if you do not find her. The quest is now complete. If you talk to her again, you will get a side quest Birds of a Feather.

Land of the Lawless

In this quest, you will have to find a girl named Anthousa. You will need to help her by defeating the thugs, breaking into her client’s home and then ultimately finding out The Monger’s aim. You will also meet Phoibe again.

Your task is to head for Korinth, ask the lady in the leader house of Porneion, defeat the thugs in Akrokorinth and ultimately prepare to defeat The Monger.

Investigate Korinth
After tracking the quest, head for Korinth. When you reach Korinth, head for Porneion, near the Temple of Apollo. Follow the objective marker and you will find the Leader House. Beware; the House will be heavily fortified.

Ask the Nice Lady
Slip past the guards and find a lady standing under a pergola. Ask her to ‘Help me find the hetaerae’ and she will tell you the location. The location is in Akrokorinth, by the Temple of Aphrodite.

Look for Clues on Akrokorinth
Travel southwest of Leader House to reach the Temple of Aphrodite. Synchronize on top of the temple and you will find clues on the north side of the temple.

Your next objective will be to kill the thugs in the area. Kill everyone to continue.

Talk to the Worshipers
After killing the thugs, you will be prompted to speak with the worshipers. They will hint at a gang leader of the area: The Monger. The worshipers will redirect you to a person by the Spring of Peirene: Anthousa.

Talk to Anthousa
Reach the Spring of Peirene nearby and the women nearby will instantly recognize you as their defender. After a brief uplifting conversation and meriting, Phoibe will enter the scene and say that she has been sent by Aspasia to help you.

After a brief conversation with Phoibe, you will be sent inside the house of Anthousa and another conversation will spring up. You ask about your mother but she does not want to say anything free. She will talk if you get rid of The Monger.

Three missions will unlock here: To Help a Girl, Follow That Boat and Port of Lawlessness. You need to do all three of them to continue the quest.

To Help a Girl
Your job now will be to get into the client’s house and find out any information regarding him. You will need Phoibe’s help on this one.

Talk to Damalis
Get out of the Spring of Peirene and find Damalis on the marker. Interact with her to spring up a conversation. Apparently, her client has changed and she does not know why. It is our job to find out.

Head for Korinth
From this location, head for Korinth. It is in the north of your location. When you reach close, use Ikaros to find the target.

Phoibe, Again
Phoibe is in the center of this mission, again! She wants to help you but she is just too young. Tell her to sit this one out.

You can also find something about a person named ‘Deinomenes’. Remember this name as it will be needed in the future, for a challenge. Phoibe offers her services and says she will look in the house while you distract its residents.

Converse with the Client
Enter the house and find the marker target. A cinematic will automatically play if you are in range.

Remember: Pig Farm, Deed, and Deinomenes. If you answer the questions with the suitable answers, you will be rewarded and the quest will play out differently.

Timed Challenge
The resident here will ask you three different questions here. For every question you answer correctly, Phoibe will get an item from the house. If you answer any question wrong, you will have to fight.

If you answered correctly, the client will ask for forgiveness from Damalis. If you answered incorrectly, you will have to fight three Spartan guards and the client himself too.

Get Report from Phoibe
After this conversation or a fight, head to the marker to find Phoibe. Ask her about the three things she got from the house (if you answered correctly) and you will understand that the iron poker is connected to The Monger.

Phoibe will also spring out a letter that turns out to be a threat message to the client that he needs to bring Damalis to a specific place in Korinth or meet his demise.

Finally, Phoibe will give you a sword ‘Curved Obsidian Blade’ if you answered all the questions correctly.

Head for the Specific Place
After getting the report, head for a location 80m south of you. Send Ikaros to investigate the area and tag the enemies. Head for the overgrown entrance and investigate the clue here. Enter the house afterward.

Investigate the house for clues. When you get the final clue, a guard will enter while throwing Phoibe to your feet. The guard will be at the same level as you, so be sure to use abilities wisely. Defeat him to proceed forward in the game.

Report to Damalis
After defeating the guard, head for Damalis at the Temple of Apollo. A conversation between Phoibe and you will spring up where Phoibe will apologize for being caught. Afterward, converse with Damalis to report the condition of the client.

Follow That Boat

In this quest, you will have to head for Korinth, find Erinna and rescue Kleio from the Pirate’s Ship. You will also need to decide between taking Kleio to her destination or returning her to Erinna.

Head for Korinth
Head for Korinth and when you get close to Erinna, you will hear the woman calling out for Kleio. Chase her and talk to her.

Conversation with Erinna
Apparently, one of her girls, Kleio, has gone missing. Someone saw her on a ship. It is your job to get her back.

Head for Lechaion Port
Follow Erinna and she will take you to Lechaion Port. She will stop right at the pier and point at the pirate ship in the waters. We have to rescue Kleio from that ship.

Board the Pirate Ship
Board your own ship and chase the Pirate Ship until you reach it. Open fire and defeat the ship. Beware though as it is quite strong. Once you defeat the ship, board it and kill everyone.

Meet Kleio
After killing everyone, a girl named Kleio will come to you and say that she is running away from the pirates.

You will be left with an option here. Kleio wants to go to Mykonos but our job was to get Kleio back to Erinna. You can do either of these. If you do the latter, you will get another quest.

After making a decision, head for the port and find Erinna. Talk to her and you will be rewarded with a high-level bow.

Port of Lawlessness

You have to burn down the Monger’s warehouse and the wares inside in this quest, be acquainted with a Spartan hero named Brasidas and learn about your mother’s acquaintance.

Burn The Monger’s Warehouse’s Wares
Head for the marker and you will find the Monger’s warehouse. Enter the warehouse, deal with the bandits in the location and burn the goods inside.

Kill the Monger’s Elite
Apparently, as you burn the supplies, enemies will come barging in. It looks as if all hope is lost and BAM! a Spartan hero enters the scene and eliminates enemies in the warehouse.

You will now face enemies outside the warehouse. Eliminate them with your Spartan friend.

Talk to the Spartan Hero
After this fight, talk with the Spartan hero. If you rescued the prisoners inside the warehouse before burning everything, you can brag about it here.

The Spartan hero turns out to have the same goals as you but has different ideas on how to deal with The Monger. Our Spartan hero, Brasidas (as his name is revealed), wants to replace The Monger with minimal bloodshed.

You can now either side with Brasidas or with Anthousa. If you side with Brasidas, the fight with the Monger is easier and you will get the full resolution of the quest line.

Apparently, he also knows about your mother. EVERYONE KNOWS YOUR MOTHER. EXCEPT YOU.

Monger Down

Take. Monger. Down. Side with either Brasidas or with Anthousa. The choices will have consequences.

Talk to Anthousa
After tracking this new quest, head for Anthousa in Porneion. She will be next to the Leader House. Talk to her.

Anthousa reveals her next aim is to take out The Monger. You can either side with her and do a public execution of The Monger on the Theater or take him to the cave, for Brasidas.

Kill the Monger
Head into a cave right next to the Temple of Apollo. You will find the Monger inside.

Apparently, The Monger knows your mother as well. SERIOUSLY? You will see a flashback on their volatile relationship. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey must be named “How I Met Your Mother” SMH.

After this cutscene, defeat the Monger’s thugs and finally defeat him. Just as you beat The Monger enough to bring him to the brink of death, Anthousa will show up and claim that everyone in Korinth must see his public execution.

You can decide whether to kill him in the cave or make it a public execution.

Anthousa’s Home/
After the execution, you will meet Anthousa in her home. Ask her about your mother and she will tell you about her interaction with her. Apparently, your mother has her own ship, the Siren’s Song.

You will earn a ‘Sage letter to The Monger’, ‘Artifact Fragment’ and a ‘Spartan War Hero Helmet’ to wear. And the quest is complete.

A Prescription for Discovery

This huge quest will focus on finding Hippokrates and helping him out, finding the three priests of Asklepios and helping them, helping a friend of Hippokrates and finally facing the cultist Chrysis.

You will have to find Hippokrates, do him a favor by getting back his notes and finally get information on your mother.

Find Hippokrates
Head for Argos and to the Temple of Poseidon. North of here will be some men arguing over Hippokrates’ clinical methods. Apparently, in order to find him, you will have to deliver some medical equipment to him.

Sostratos will hand you ‘medical supplies’ and say that you can find Hippokrates near the Cave of Pan. Head for the caves to find Hippokrates.

Talk to Hippokrates
Talk to Hippokrates and he will say that he is busy. You give him the supplies. Apparently, Hippokrates will help you if you get his stolen notes of ‘Disease of the Mind’ back. Agree to help him.

The notes are in Fort Tiryns but Hippokrates does not want bloodshed.

The Doctor Will See You Now

You must find Dymas, kill his guards and ask him to meet Hippokrates and recreate his burnt notes.

Find Dymas
Follow the marker to find Fort Tiryns near ruins of Perseus. Send Ikaros to tag all the enemies in the area and the location of Dymas at the infirmary.

Defeat the enemies and follow the marker to a door. Interacting with the marker will reveal Dymas inside the room.

Talk to Dymas
He is surprised at first but you calm him down by telling him that Hippokrates sent you there and that his commander stole Hippokrates’ notes. Dymas will claim that the notes were burned in the last skirmish but he memorized the contents.

You now need Dymas back with Hippokrates. You can either knock him out or ask him to get to the location nicely. You can also pay him in drachma.

Return to Hippokrates
Dymas vows to write down hat he remembers from Hippokrates’ notes. Hippokrates will take you aside and tell you what he remembers about your mother. He sent her to the Sanctuary of Asklepios.

And that is it. The quest is complete. You will receive the ‘Healers’ Bracers’ for completing this quest.

The Priests of Asklepios

You head for the three priests and help all of them out to proceed forward in the story. Head towards Epidaurus Sanctuary. Check the map and you will see different priests with tags on them.

Talk to all of them and they will give three different missions that you will have to complete in order to move forward in the story. These are ‘Enough is Enough’, ‘Written in Stone’ and ‘Head for a Head’.

You need to find Pylenor and save his bathhouse from the snakes.

Talk to Pylenor
After tracking this quest, head for Pylenor who will be standing between Epidaurus Sanctuary and the bathhouse, wearing a crown made of leaves. He says he will trade information about your mother if you get rid of the snakes.

Deal with the Snakes
Kill the snakes in the room or flush them out through the pipe hidden behind the bathhouse.

Return to Pylenor
Return to Pylenor and talk to him again. You will discover that he knows nothing except a man named Mydon. He might give you more information. And this mission is done.

Written in Stone

You will find a priest Timoxenos who will reveal information about your mother. Find Timoxenos between the two buildings in the Sanctuary of Asklepios, in the backyard. Talk to him.

He will reveal that he is too feeble to remember your mother. Apparently, he carves information about all who pass through here on stone. Like poneglyphs, neat! Follow him to get to the stone that has information about your mother.

Follow Timoxenos
While on the way, Timoxenos will tell you two ridiculous stories, each from a set of stones on the way. When he reaches the third and final set of stones, you snap at him a little soon.

Coincidentally, this stone is the one about your mother. He will reveal that your mother received care from the priests but that the child could not be saved. Another priest enters the scene and breaks the conversation.

You will now converse with this priest named Pleistos.

Conversation with Pleistos
Pleistos will ask you some questions. You must lie in order to keep Timoxenos safe. You have to lie firstly ‘We were talking about sword wounds’.

He will go on about the treatment of sword wounds and you will have to reply ‘Dogs’. If you get the answers wrong, you will find Timoxenos dead near the olive tree later. The easiest way, however, is, to say ‘I was looking for the bathhouse’.

Meet Timoxenos
Meet the old priest at the Olive Tree of Herakles. Talk to him and he will reveal that your mother left a child’s blanket behind. If you failed to protect Timoxenos, you will have to loot his body later to find it. You will get a quest item ‘Spartan baby blanket’.

Battle Ensues
Apparently, Phaistos was onto you. He is back with some reinforcements and now your job is to defeat the guards and Phaistos. If you kill Phaistos and loot him, you will get the bow ‘bow of Dumontos’. And the mission is complete.

A Heart for A Head

You will need to get information from a priest outside Argolis. You will have to find the Sacred Bull alive, only to find out its dead and then finally choose between three people to save.

Find the priest in the west of the town of Argols and talk to him.

The priest will reveal that he is tending to a little girl who has the same sickness everyone in the world has. He says that he will need a white bull to attract the attention of the gods. And that he needs the bull alive.

Find the Bull
You can find the Sacred Bull on Mount Koryphum, west of the town. When you reach Asine Ruins, use Ikaros to find your target. The area is fortified with bandits. You will have to kill them. After killing them, head for the bull.

Retrieve the Bull
You will discover that the Bull is dead and that you will have to take the bull’s heart back to the priest. Loot the Bull to get the heart.

Report to the Priest
Return to the Priest and report of the dead bull. He will say that the heart alone will not be able to please the gods. However, the gods will forgive one life.

You will have to choose between the farmer, the wealthy lady or the sick girl that was originally being treated. Choose anyone you like.

After the decision is made, the priest will guide you to the guesthouse where you can find Mydon, the elder priest. He does not talk. Rather, he CANNOT talk. He cut out his own tongue for reasons.

You will receive a ‘ritual spear’ and ‘Argos priest mace’ for completing this mission.

Speak no Evil

You have to converse with Mydon about your mother inside his house. He will reveal his deepest secrets.

You will now have to ask Mydon about your mother. In order to do that, you need to get inside the Guesthouse. It is rather fortified, so be careful. After killing everyone, enter the door to find Mydon conversing with his servant.

Conversation with Mydon
Mydon will reveal all the things you will need. He will reveal the woman he met was indeed your mother and the child she was carrying was indeed Deimos.

In a cinematic afterward, you will see a flashback with your mother crying outside the building as Mydon blatantly claims that he could not save the child.

It will later be revealed that Chrysis took the baby and made Mydon cut his own tongue to hide the truth.

The servant will later reveal information that Chrysis took the baby to an altar near the statue of Apollo Maleates. After this conversation, the mission will end. You will receive an ‘Argolis walking staff’ for your efforts.

A Herald of Murder
You have to find Herakles’ friend Dollops, find out who tried to murder him and help him to reveal information about Chrysis.

You can find Dollops in his house in the Kingdom of Hope, near the sea. Enter his house to trigger a conversation.

Conversation with Dollops
Dollops will tell you to go away. Tell him Hippokrates sent you and you will get some information. Apparently, you will now have to investigate the person who tried to kill him.

Dollops will reveal that a man dressed in black attacked him. He reveals that it is either his neighbor or his landlord. You will now have to investigate.

Investigate the Scene
Cross the street and you will find five clues. Interact with all of them to find out what exactly happened. Also, be sure to note the clues because you will need them later.

Return to Dollops
Report to Dollops and you must now accuse either of the two suspects. Keep the clues in mind.

It would be recommended to suspect the Landlord because clues are better than eyewitnesses are. If you choose the neighbor, you will find Dollops dead the next time you meet him. You will have to loot his treasure chest to find about Chrysis.

If you choose to confront the Landlord, head to his location in Eristenea House and kill the enemies here. Then report to the farmer. He will reveal information about Chrysis.

Chrysis is apparently a member of the Cult of Kosmos. Welp! What a weird game Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is, huh. And now you can confront her through the next mission: Ashes to Ashes.

Ashes to Ashes
You will now have to confront Chrysis. Go to the Forest Altar, defeat the enemies nearby and decide between saving a child or killing the cultist leader.

Find the Forest Altar
Head for Argolis and just south of Troezen Military Camp, you will find the forest altar. When you are close to the altar, use Ikaros to pinpoint the target.

When you arrive at the altar, you will find a dead eagle. Since everyone here refers to you as the ‘Eagle Bearer’, this dead eagle is a threat message from Chrysis.

Rescue the Crying Baby
You will soon hear a baby crying in the distance. You will have to reach the location and kill the cultist guards there right next to the temple.

After killing the guards, approach the closed door of the temple, to the east and enter. You will meet Chrysis.

You now have a very serious decision to make, as soon as the conversation ends. It is recommended that you save the baby as saving the baby will save all the family members.

Save the Baby or kill Chrysis
Chrysis throws a firebomb into the room. You now have to chase either after Chrysis or save the baby.

If you save the baby, once you come outside, the mother of the baby will show up and thank you for saving the infant. Now this long journey is complete!

Both the quest is done and so is the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Chapter 5 Walkthrough. We hope you enjoyed this chapter and the branching experience this chapter had to provide.

The game has finally reached the climax and is linking the vast Greek world to the Cult of Kosmos.

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