How To Parry And Counter In Assassin’s Creed Mirage

Learn the art of parrying and countering to become the undisputable prince of Baghdad!

Assassin’s Creed Mirage has brought a major combat change that makes it even more important to know how to parry and counter.

Unlike before when enemies would take turns to attack you, they can now attack you all at once. This makes it a bit difficult to go up against multiple enemies.

However, if you know how to parry, counter, or block enemy attacks, you will be able to stay alive much longer.

This also becomes highly useful against certain armored and shielded enemies because parrying stuns them momentarily, allowing you to instantly kill them or deal heavy damage.

How to parry and counter enemies in AC Mirage

There are two steps to parry and counter enemies in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. The first is to know which attacks you can parry and which you cannot. The second is timing your parry inside the small parry window.

Know what attacks you can parry and block

Every enemy has a small wind-up attack animation that gives you just enough time to react. If the enemy is glowing yellow, you can parry their attacks in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. If the enemy, however, is glowing red, you need to dodge or get out of the way because these attacks cannot be parried.

There is also another way to identify what kind of attack an enemy is going to do. We recommend watching their weapons during combat.

If they are swinging their weapons from their left side, it is going to be an attack that you can counter in AC Mirage. Attacks that cannot be parried or blocked are always going to come from the enemies’ right side.

Time your parry window

The default parry buttons are L1/LB/Q on PlayStation/Xbox/PC respectively in AC Mirage. However, it is not as easy as just pressing a button.

You have to time your parry so that it falls inside the parry window. Press the button too early or too late and the parry will not register.

Fortunately, the parry window is very lenient in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, so registering one should not be a problem. As a helpful combat tip, try to parry when the enemy’s attack is just about to hit you. When you see their weapons just inches from your face, it is an excellent time to pull off the perfect parry.

Parrying is not limited to melee attacks only. It can also be done to deflect ranged attacks. Wait until the object is close enough to you (a knife, arrow, etc.), and then press the designated parry button. This will also enable you to close down the distance between enemies who like to fight from afar.

Dagger of Time makes parrying easy in AC Mirage

If you order the deluxe edition of AC Mirage, you get the prestigious Dagger of Time from the Prince of Persia franchise as a token of appreciation.

This just doesn’t serve aesthetics; it also has the ability to slow down time which means you can parry every incoming attack in AC Mirage without any timing problem.

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