Asphalt Street Storm Racing Guide – How to Win, Tips and Tricks, Perfect Shift Tips

Asphalt Street Storm Guide will teach you how to win, nail that perfect start and shifts and how to be the very best in the game.

This Asphalt Street Storm Guide will teach you how to win, nail that perfect start and shifts and how to be the very best in the game. Asphalt has always been famous for being a little difficult and requires a lot of grinding to get more money for cars and updates, this guide will make sure you are not struggling to win at this challenging game.

Asphalt Street Storm is the newest installment by Gameloft, known to be the leader in mobile automotive games. Slightly deviating from the regular path of different racing disciplines, Asphalt Street Storm Racing is solely built around 4-player real time PvP drag racing in exotic cars. Buy a car, mod the car and win; this is the basic aim of this game. It has a diverse variety of beautiful cars and locations.

Asphalt Street Storm Guide

Starting with the Asphalt Street Storm Guide, following tips and tricks will make sure you are at the top of your game when racing other players from around the globe.

Asphalt Street Storm Guide

Ace the Perfect Start

The most important aspect of drag racing is the launch and you must practice to get perfect launches. If you mess up the launch, you will suffer immensely in the race. The game will give you an intro tutorial to show how the launch works and after that, you are on you own. The trick to getting the perfect launch is to keep the needle in the green section and release right when the race starts. This perfect launch will allow you to use the maximum power of the car right at the start of race and it will not suffer later in the race unless you miss the shifts. This gives you a very high chance of winning the race.

Getting this perfect start is however not that simple and there is a complete different story going on at the back. At the game screen, there two buttons. Left button will start and stop your car while the right button will launch the car when the timer ends. Best time to start revving the engine by pressing the left key is at 3. Keep on revving trying to keep the needle as close to the green section.

As soon as the counter hits 1, get ready to release and release it right in an instant when needle in in the green zone and you’ll fly off the line with maximum power to the wheels. Do not release the right button or else you will jump start the race and will be instantly disqualified from the race. As with every other thing, practice makes you perfect, so practice the perfect launches and you will be acing it in no time.

Master the Shifts

After the perfect launch, you must make sure you are not missing any shifts and are changing gears at the right time to make sure the engine is not losing any power. After the launch, gearshifts will determine whether you will win or lose the race, as every shift will make you fall behind or move ahead in the race.

To nail these shifts you must keep eyes on the needle all the time. When the needle gets to the yellow zone, get ready to shift and when it finally reaches green zone, tap it instantly to shift the gear and keep the car going. Every car has different performance so it is very important that you know your car well enough and plan the shifts according to the car’s acceleration.

Be Efficient with the Nitro

Nitro is a short boost that you can give your car for a few seconds to catch up to an opponent or to maintain your lead over an opponent. It is vital that you must use it at a time when it is most efficient and gives you the boost you need. The best time to initiate nitro is between second and third gear, as it will reduce the time it will take you to switch to the third gear.

It means that you will get to higher gears much quicker and this will keep you ahead of the competition. Always remember that nitro is limited and must not be just wasted away. Practice with every car to see the performance difference an efficient nitro timing can make.

Maintain a Balanced Car

After buying the car, upgrading the car is very important as it drastically changes the results. A good, balanced drag car will shave off those extra seconds from your final time and give you the win. Upgrade system of Asphalt Street Storm Racing is very advanced and it gives you a wide variety of part upgrades ranging from engine to suspension. You should consider upgrading your car at regular intervals to stay competitive because as the difficulty rises at higher levels, it will become very difficult to win races with stock cars.

While upgrading the cars, this must be kept be kept in mind that the upgrades are balance all around the cars and not just focused on one thing as it will give you serious performance issues during races. For example, if you focus only on engine then at one stage the engine will be so much over powered that the car will be unable to handle all that power and it will keep on spinning tires losing traction and it will eventually lead to you losing races.

Similarly if you continue to focus on tires, then tires will become so grippy that engine’s power will be unable to power them to get to higher speeds quickly. Therefore, you must balance out the upgrades to make the ultimate drag machine. The final result depends on the overall performance rating of your car so you must focus on making your car as balance as possible.

Use the Game’s Social Features

Asphalt games have always been rich on the social media side and this game is no different. Social features are also a source for gems which are the in-game currency for buying upgrades, cars and deliveries which contain different goodies such as car blueprints and decals. For example, connecting to Facebook gives you 35 gems that you can use to buy anything you prefer.

Commit to the Game

To be the very best at this game, you will need to commit to the game. Getting in-game currency such as cash or gems is not easy and it requires extensive grinding. It will take you a lot of time to grind the game to buy cars and upgrades. To boost your income, login to the game every day and unlock daily login awards such as free gems, free cash and even free cars but make sure you do not miss any single day as it will reset the counter.

Complete daily tasks to earn some free cash. Every day you will get some unique tasks such as perform a certain number of perfect shifts or perfect launches, completing these tasks will earn you easy money. Complete these tasks daily and it will be a steady source of daily income for you to spend on cars and updates. Another way to earn some cash is to complete different achievement.

These achievements are mostly related to simple game progression and will eventually unlock the more you play the game. You can bet on opponents as well before the start of the race to earn more money but be aware that if you lose the race, you will lose all amount that was put on the bet.

One way to earn big but is also quite risky is the 1 vs 3 race in which you will be put against 3 other real-time players and everyone will put out a hefty amount of money towards a winner-takes-all reward. The player who wins the race will get all the reward amount put forth by the four players. However, you must only play these races if you have several thousands of cash as it is a high-risk high-award race.

Gain Fame and Followers

A new mechanic that has been imposed in Asphalt Street Storm Racing is the fame and followers. Fame is gained by beating A.I. players in single player modes and they unlock more career progression events and tasks while followers are gained by beating real-time players in online multiplayer. Followers can also be lost if you lose the race. So you must also try you best to gain as much fame and followers as well to unlock more game features.

This is all we have in our Asphalt Street Storm Guide. If there is anything you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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