Arrowverse Crossover Episode Names Indicate a “Greater” Threat Than the Dominators

Last time, the Arrowverse had its ups and downs but the main highlight for many was the amazing crossover episodes they did. All four leading Superhero DC tv shows came together to fight one common enemy, the Dominators. Legends, Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl gave the Dominators a run for their money, making them leave the planet with their tail between the legs.

CW is looking to do something even bigger this year, something that is “greater” than the Dominators. There aren’t many things more cunning than an Alien invasion so what exactly do they plan to do? Recently, we managed to get our hands on all four possible names of the crossover episodes and these indicate that CW is going big this year with Arrowverse Crossover episodes.

The Arrowverse Crossover episodes will kick off with Supergirl’s “Greater Foes.” The plot will continue with Arrow’s “Greater Loss” Episode before we head deeper with The Flash’s “Greater Threat” episode. The story will wrap up with DC Legends of Tomorrow’s “Greater Menace” episode.

The titles are very simplistic but they clearly imply that something much greater is going on compared to last season. If we look at the Supergirl title, “Greater Foes,” it implies that it isn’t going to be a single enemy, rather, a group that will challenge the Team this season.

The crossover starting with Supergirl means whoever is coming is strong enough to take down Supergirl, forcing her to call in the rest of the team for help.

There are only a couple of enemies strong enough to handle Supergirl and since they are doing Darkseid for Justice League movies, that leaves – Mongul and Warworld.

Another thing to note here is that Arrow episode is called “Greater Loss,” which indicates that the enemies may kill a hefty amount of people. Normally, by the third episode, the heroes would come together and find a way to win. However, The Flash Episode being named “Greater Threat” means that the enemy group gains some form of power or join hands with a different group to further complicate things for our Super Friends.

The final part, “Greater Menace,” implies that even though our heroes will win the fight the threat isn’t over. They are still an ongoing menace to our heroes. This is very interesting because usually, heroes take a beatdown, the enemy gets power, heroes find a way to beat it, and win. But it seems this season the threat will remain out there even though Super Friends win in the end.

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