Armored Core 6 Overburdened Explained: How To Increase Weight Load

Overburdened is a weight mechanic that slows down your AC in Armored Core 6. You need to know how to increase its weight load.

Is your AC feeling a little sluggish? The game tells you that you are overburdened and you cannot fight. If you cannot figure out what Overburdened means in Armored Core 6: Fire of Rubicon, then you are at the right place because we are going to tell you everything about it.

While you are at it, learning about being overburdened, why not also figure out some ways to overcome the issue? If that was also part of your plan then we have got you covered.

How Overburdened Weight mechanics work in Armored Core 6

In Armored Core 6, being overburdened is pretty self-explanatory. It is simply when you have equipped more weight than you are able to carry around. There are tons of stats you need to consider when you putting together your mech of mass destruction.

Among those stats, you are going to see a stat “Current Load“. At first glance, it might seem like it tells you the amount of weight you are carrying, which it does.

Everything you have equipped aside from your legs, contributes to the Load. If you look closely at the bar, you will see a small arrow pointing towards a specific point. That is your Load Limit.

To put it simply, your mech will only function and will be able to Sortie if you do not cross the line. The moment you go beyond that, the game will mark you as overweight and you will be out of commission.


Now either you can sit and miss out on all of the fun or you can do something about being overburdened.

How to increase your Weight Load in Armored Core 6

Who doesn’t like a big arsenal of weapons to melt your enemies with? We all want to jump into the battle with the best weapons in AC6. But, a weapon that weighs you down is a weapon that gets you killed.

Now either you become strong enough to carry it around or you get something more suited to your physique. That is exactly what we need to do when you are overburdened in AC6. There are a couple of ways to go about it.

Get stronger legs

Although there are other solutions to the problem, this is by far the most suited and recommended as well. If you don’t know, legs are the part of your mech that is responsible for carrying all of that steel around. They serve as the foundation and if it isn’t strong, you are going to topple over.

If you want to increase your load limit, you have to pony up and pay for a stronger set of legs. Upgrading your legs will get you the strength buff you need to carry more and heavier weapons.

If you had a picture of a tank while planning your build, you can go for the Tank Treads as well. If a spider is more your thing then the legs you are looking for are the Tetra Pod.

Both of the above-mentioned leg types are able to carry more weight than a normal pair of legs but at the cost of maneuverability and speed. If being agile is not your end goal then just opt for the Tank Treads or the Tetrapod and Bob’s your uncle.

Shed some weight and go light

One of the most obvious ways to reduce the Current Load and jump back into action without being overburdened is by equipping lighter weapons in Armored Core 6.

You have the option of choosing four different weapons. Two for each of your shoulders and two for your hands to carry around.

Just pick ones that don’t make you exceed the limit. You can still have a pretty decent build if you manage your weight wisely.

Something to help you with the process is the weapon stats. Every weapon you can equip has a weight on it. Find out the one weighing you down the most and you can replace it with something much lighter.

Weight Control OS Upgrade

This is the jankiest way out of all three we mentioned, bypassing your own brain to make it think like it is not overburdened. You are not allowed to take part in battles if you are beyond your current load capacity.

If you do not want to upgrade your legs or reduce some weight then head straight for the OS Tuning Workshop. Pay a small fee and you can get the Weight Control OS upgrade. This will allow you to take your mech into the battle without having to worry about exceeding your weight limit.

Don’t jump the gun and go for the choice. Being overburdened with an OS Uprade might seem like you hacked it but we have not. Now moving around with weak legs and all that weight is only going to tire you sooner than you want with an additional cost of slowness.

So it is best to either distribute your weight wisely or become stronger.

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