Armored Core 6: All Data Log Locations

Did you just stumble onto a Data Log in AC6? These are lore-revealing collectibles.

Data Logs are encrypted pieces of lore that reveal information about the world around you in Armored Core 6. They are scattered across different chapters and hidden away carefully.

For completionists, finding 10 Data Logs in Armored Core 6 is how you unlocked the “Data Log Collector” achievement. Let’s take a look where you need to go and what you need to do to get all of them.

Where to find all Data Logs in Armored Core 6

The Data logs are scattered throughout the game. You will encounter them randomly as you progress your story. But, if for some reason you couldn’t find one. Whether you are searing for them for the achievement or simply for the lore. Here, in this guide, we will give you a brief explanation of how to acquire them.

Chapter 1

There are three missions in the first chapter of Armored Core 6 that contain Data Logs. Almost all of them are part of the main storyline, so they are impossible to miss.

Mission 1: Illegal Entry

The first mission of Armored Core 6 has a storyline objective that automatically takes you to your first few Data Logs. You do not need to go out of your way. You only need to follow the mission marker.


You will come across 4x Data Logs while looting the AC wrecks.

Mission 8: Operation Wall Climber

To locate the first Data Log, simply head 97 degrees on your compass until you reach an apartment complex. From there you’ll find the wreckage near an Airplane Hanger. Loot the wreckage to find the loot.

The second Data Log location is just by the Dam.

Climb the wall by taking a boost. After that just stick to it until you reach a pillar. Then strafe jump using your rockets to get on the ledge above you.

From there just stick to the side of the wall, and you will soon discover the Data log waiting for you at the end.

Mission 9: Retrieve Combat Logs

You will automatically receive the Data Logs as a reward for completing the mission in Armored Core 6. Just start the quest, follow all the instructions and you’ll get 5x Data Log in no time.

Chapter 2

There is only one Data Log to find here.

Mission 14: Ocean Crossing

You’ll need to do a bit of Parkour, Parkour ! for this. After you have started this mission and excited the elevator. Simply Head towards the end of the first platform. From there on out turn left towards the edge and jump down.

A fair bit of warning ahead, is that the drop is very steep. After a successful landing. Turn all the way around and you find a Broken robot near you. Scan it and you will get a Data Log.

Chapter 3

The Data Logs of Chapter 3 are fairly easy to find in Armored Core 6. You will come across them in two missions.

Mission 15: Steal The Survey Data

You will get the Data Log by simply playing the mission. Let us elaborate a bit further. As you complete the mission you’ll be asked to loot some wrecks. Each wreck that you loot will contain 1x Data Log in it.

You will find a totality of

  • 4x Data Log on this mission

Mission 26: Historic Data Recovery

You will automatically get 3x Data Log when playing the mission. Looting wrecks will be a part of the mission. As soon as you loot one of them you will receive 1x Data Log in your inventory.

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