Arma 2 DayZ Mod – How To Find North

DayZ Mod is all about survival and it can be worst if you can't find your way. This guide will help you find your way to North.

Zombies in Arma maps mean that it’s no less than a RPG game where you may find it hard to find the right-direction without a compass. So, if you don’t have a compass, does that mean that you can’t find the right-direction? That’s not the case here. You can use the following methods to get on the right track.

First Method
You can take out your watch by pressing M. We all know that the sun travels from east to west. Let’s assume that your watch is showing 7 pm.

This means that the sun will be closer to west, i.e. about to set in. So, you can track the movement of the sun to find the right direction.

The method is good for finding east or west in the morning or in the evening but for the other times of the day like 12 pm, you can user the following method.

Second Method
If sun is not good enough for you to find the right direction, you can find north by using the shadows of objects, for example, trees.

  • Take out your watch and keep it horizontal i.e. it’s looking down.
  • Point the short hour hand towards the sun
  • Draw a line from the center of the watch such that it’s in between the hour hand and 12 o’ clock.
  • The north will be at the other side of the center.

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