How to Get Wyvern Milk in Ark Valguero

You'll learn what is the best way to farm Wyvern Milk in Ark Valguero and we'll also discuss Wyvern Traps and their purpose.

In Ark Valguero, a product known as Wyvern Milk is utilized to nourish young wyverns. You may harvest it by taking it from the corpse of an Alpha Fire Wyvern of either gender or a wild female Wyvern who is incapacitated. Wyvern milk is utilized to nourish and imprint on infant wyverns.

In this guide, we will tell you all about Wyvern Milk and the best ways to farm it in Ark Valguero. We will also discuss what Wyvern Traps are and how to properly use them in this Ark Expansion.

Best Way to Farm Wyvern Milk in Ark Valguero

It should be remembered that a Wyvern will only consume milk until they are mature. Wyverns in their juvenile, teenage, and baby stages will not consume cooked or raw meat.

Players can also drink it to receive the Insulating Warmth boost, which provides 787 Hypothermal Insulation and makes them immune to infectious diseases.

Additionally, it protects from the Enflamed effect caused by Wyvern fire breath blows and the Bleed effect caused by Allosaurus, Giganotosaurus, and Carnotaurus.

Both the harm from the breath attack itself and the Inflamed debuff caused by lava are unaffected by it. This boost has a time duration of 3 minutes. Players also get energy from Wyvern Milk. This will give energy to them. The food value for the milk is 100, the health value will also increase by 100.

5 Wyvern Milk may be obtained from a female Wyvern’s arsenal after it has been defeated. You must plunder the Wyvern as early as you can since its torpor immediately wears out, and if it regains consciousness with the Milk still in there, it is going to disappear until the refresh time, after which it will be struck down once more.

An Alpha Wyvern of any gender may also have 50 Wyvern Milk in their storage, although this option will have a 30-minute spoilage period due to the Wyvern’s death.

Wyvern Traps

If a refreshing interval of one hour is permitted, it is viable to put down the exact female Wyvern many times and still get milk. Unfortunately, it is impossible to keep the aforementioned wyvern in the trap since aware wyverns teleport to the trench as soon as they are outside of render range.

What you do is, you get a Wyvern inside the trap and then try to knock it down. Once it is down, get your Wyvern Milk.

The best location to set this trap is at the 10 Latitude and 70-80 Longitude near the Trenches. You can choose any flat surface in the area to set up your trap.

As far as the type of Trap is concerned, you should build a trap that limits the movement of Wyvern. Wyvern can only rotate but have a very big turn radius. You’d want to limit the upward moment as well by building huge side pillars and roofs.

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