Ark Valguero Pearls Locations

We've put together this quick guide to help you easily locate and farm Pearls in Ark Valguero.

In Ark Valguero, you can find Pearls in Underwater Caves, and Giant Beaver Dam, by harvesting Trilobite, Leech, Eurypterid, and near Ammonite corpses. Phoenix also makes pearls after defecating instead of feces. This guide will help you easily locate and farm Pearls in Ark Valguero.

Since Pearls are one of the base ingredients for electronics, they are very important for technical stuff. Underwater caves and the ocean contain pearls. A group of 5 clams usually contains Pearls. Harvesting them doesn’t require any tools, they’re picked up by hand. Pearls usually come from 2 to 4 clams. You can’t harvest more pearls by increasing melee damage.

Ark Valguero Pearl Locations

In the west area of the map, under the cold sea, as well as on the peninsula in the north, pearls are commonly found. The frozen patches of the northwest coast are an easy place to obtain Pearls if you have fur armor and a flying mount.

If you don’t get too cold, you can safely harvest clams by making short incursions into the water. Fur armor dries instantly, so you don’t have to worry about getting cold. In these areas, you can do this safely because all spawns except Kairuku are uncommon.

Ark Valguero Pearls Locations

There are also tons of Pearls in the Underwater Caves.  Also, you can find pearls if you loot Giant Beaver Dam or harvest corpses of Trilobites, Eurypterids, and Leeches.

Below we have listed all the coordinates in which Pearl is found in abundance:

  • LAT: 46.0 LON: 27.5
  • LAT: 42.5 LON: 25.5
  • LAT: 41.2 LON: 34.5
  • LAT: 38.7 LON: 33.7
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